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bond tail
bond tail

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Πώς σας φάνηκαν τα επεισόδια 1-20

Την / Το Σαβ Δεκ 07, 2013 10:24 am
1.Ichigo Kurosaki is able to see spirits at the young age of fifteen. Ichigo, a high school student, protects a girl from a hollow spirit when he watches a female Soul Reaper fight the evil spirit. This female reaper, Rukia Kuchiki, teaches him about his duties of soul cleansing. When Rukia becomes injured, he takes her power to become a Soul Reaper

2.After defeating the hollows, Ichigo checks his family and they seem to remember nothing about what happened. He then goes to school in the morning and found out that Rukia is in the same class. Rukia gave her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo thus leaving her with none. She asked Ichigo to be a Substitute Soul Reaper and defeat hollows to protect the human souls. Ichigo hesitated at first but he cannot just watch when a hollow attack

3.Orihime Inoue is a classmate of Ichigo that is being targeted by a hollow. Ichigo found out that the hollow that attacked Inoue was her brother who turned into a hollow. Ichigo was hesitant about fighting the hollow as it was Inoue’s brother leading to Inoue almost getting killed but luckily her soul remain attached. Ichigo then decided to be a Substitute Soul Reaper and do what he must.

4.One of Ichigo’s friend and classmate Yasutora “Chad” Sado found a parrot that can talk and is inhabited by a small boy’s soul. The parrot is said to bring bad luck to anyone who is near it but Chad’s good nature made him keep the parrot. Chad then unexplainably encounters a lot of misfortunes his way but still did not let go of the bird. Ichigo’s sister Karin who can also see things that other humans can’t found out that it was a small boy’s soul that is trapped inside the bird. Rukia came to chad and found out knew that the misfortunes are the doing of a hollow that haunts the small boy’s soul.

5.Chad is being pushed into a corner trying to fight an enemy that he cannot see but he can feel. Rukia can see the hollow but without her Soul Reaper power she cannot do anything to fight it. Ichigo came at the right time and saves the day. Right after Ichigo defeated the hollow the gates of hell opened and took the hollow. Ichigo then uses his Soul Reaper powers to send the small boy’s soul to Soul Society.

6.Each time Ichigo transforms to a Soul Reaper his physical body is left unconscious making it vulnerable when Rukia is not around to look after it. Rukia got an idea and came to Urahara’s Shop to look for a solution and got a soul candy. Ichigo took in the soul candy only to find out that it is a modified soul that he placed on his body. The modified soul is an artificial warrior’s soul created to fight hollows and it goes on a rampage while inside Ichigo’s body. Ichigo’s image got torn and he is then faced with the dilemma of fighting his own body hoping not to damage it.

7.ended up fighting together and defeating the hollow. Kisuke Urahara, the man who sold Rukia the soul candy came for the defective product and tries to take the modified soul back. Ichigo took the modified soul and placed it into a stuffed lion naming it “Kon”. On the other side, Soul Society sends a Soul Reaper to track and take back Rukia.

8.It’s the death anniversary of Ichigo’s mother and Ichigo together with his little sisters visit their mom’s grave. The Soul Reaper found Rukia and knew that Rukia committed a felony for giving away her Soul Reaper powers. Ichigo came and tried to protect Rukia while on the other side Karin and Suzu got attacked by a hollow.

9.Ichigo got in time to save Yuzu but Karin got held as a hostage by the hollow. The Soul Reaper that was sent to take back Rukia helped Ichigo to save Karin and got wounded in the process. Ichigo identified the hollow as the one who killed his mom and is named as the Grand Fisher. Ichigo insisted to fight alone with the hollow but got caught by it when the Grand Fisher used the image of Ichigo’s mom. Suddenly his mom’s dying wish showed and talked to him clearing his mind. Ichigo got up and thrusts his blade to the Grand Fisher but he was not able to kill it. The Grand Fisher ran away swearing revenge on Ichigo.

10.Don Kanonji, A TV star that specializes on spirit exorcism visits Karakura Town to do a live show. He thought what he was doing is exorcising an earth bound spirit but instead he turned it into a hollow. Ichigo was forced to fight the hollow and Don Kanonji got shocked about what he has done. Ichigo talked him out of it and he got back to his old self. He then calls Ichigo as his new apprentice, Ichigo didn’t like it though.

11.During a mission to fight hollows, Ichigo encountered Uryu Ishida. Ichigo was surprised to see one of his classmates hunting hollows that normal people cannot see. It was revealed then that Uryu belongs to a clan of humans that can use Spiritual Power to fight hollows, the Quincys. Uryu then declared that they are enemies of all Soul Reapers thus challenging Ichigo to a Hollow Hunting Competition.

12.The contest between Ichigo the Substitute Soul Reaper and Uryu the Quincy has drawn the attention of hundreds of hollows to Karakura Town. Too many hollows appeared that Ichigo and Uryu got their hands full. Meanwhile Karin got attacked by one of the hollows and Chad came to her rescue. Chad also realized that he can see the hollows clearly and his real power got revealed. Chad’s right arm changed making it as hard as steel and able to fire energy blasts against hollows.

13.The situation got worst and Hollows show up everywhere in town. The school where Ichigo go to also got attacked and Orihime Inoue together with her friends encountered one. Orihime wanting to protect everybody reveals her own abilities, from the hairpin that her brother gave her fairy-like beings came out and talked to Orihime about using them. Urahara saw what Chad and Orihime did and came to them to help them utilize their newly discovered abilities.

14.The hollows continued to show up and Ichigo and Uryu are still at each other’s throat. Rukia then told Ichigo about the history between Soul Reapers and Quincys, and how the Soul Reapers annihilated them. It was said that the battle was inevitable as Quincys destroy the balance of the world and Soul Society. The Soul Reapers cleanse the soul of the hollows while Quincys destroy the hollow together with the soul. However Ichigo was still able to convince to fight with him back to back as they are outnumbered by the hollows. It was then that the worst came when one of the strongest hollows came, one that they call a Menos Grande. Urahara’s group came and fought the weaker hollows while Ichigo and Uryu focused on the Menos Grande. The Menos Grande released a doom blast and Ichigo faced it head on discovering how he can release his spiritual power in an attack but Ichigo’s power surged and he was not able to control it. Uryu saved Ichigo by taking in Ichigo’s power and shooting arrows in the sky with Ichigo’s excess power.

15.Kon who always get mistreated by Ichigo got tired of it and ran away. Kon tried to find a better owner only to find that he will experience the same in the hands of girls as he is placed in a stuffed lion body and the girls find it really cute. Rukia on the other hand faces her problems and ran away to face the Soul Reapers that Soul Society sent after her. Ichigo tried to chase after Rukia but got stopped by the Soul Reapers that will take Rukia back for her punishment.

16.Ichigo encountered Renji Abarai who is a Vice-Captain in Soul Society, Ichigo pushes his way forward but Renji will not back down. Renji is a childhood friend of Rukia and he blames Ichigo for what will happen to Rukia. Ichigo who doesn’t know how to fully utilize his power was overwhelmed when Renji released his Zanpakuto. Ichigo struggles during the fight but his feelings to take back Rukia did not change.

17.Ichigo somehow was able to fight on par with Renji and even made a comeback to win but Byakuya Kuchiki interfered as Renji is about to fall. Byakuya Kuchiki is Renji’s Captain and Rukia’s older brother as Rukia got adopted because of her skills. Ichigo did not stand a chance against Byakuya and Rukia made a deal that she will go back to Soul Society peacefully with them if Ichigo’s life will be spared, Byakuya agreed and let Ichigo live but took Ichigo’s Soul Reaper powers. Ichigo was left in despair to die when Urahara came to his rescue. Urahara told Ichigo the truth that Rukia will have to face a death penalty for what she has done and Ichigo can stop it by training with Urahara and regaining his Soul Reaper powers.

18.The last day of school ended quickly and Ichigo discovered that only he, Chad, Inoue and Uryu remember about Rukia. Soul Society wiped the memories of Rukia in everyone’s mind aside from them. This is also the start of Ichigo’s training to regain his Soul Reapers power and save Rukia. The stage 1 of the training was a battle with Ururu Tsugumiya (the shop’s assistant) to take back his spirit body. Ichigo won and proceeds to stage 2 wherein his soul is taken away from his body and placed into a pit. The risk of taking back his shinigami powers was too high that if he was not able to take it back within three days. He himself will become a hollow. Yoruichi Shihoin, a former Soul Society captain which takes the form of a talking cat administered the training of Chad and Inoue so they can help Ichigo save Rukia.

19.In Soul Society the execution of Rukia’s death penalty was moved up that she now only has 25 days to left to live also leaving Ichigo’s group lesser time to be ready for battle. It was the third day of Ichigo’s traning in the pit and it reaches a critical point where the Hollowfication (Hollow Transformation) almost became complete. Ichigo was able to stop it and take over with the help of Zangetsu. Zangetsu is a spirit that resides inside Ichigo who helped him unleash his Soul Reaper powers. Ichigo emerged from the pit with the Soul Reaper uniform on but with the hollow mask on. Ichigo breaks the mask and then everyone was amazed that Ichigo was able to get back his Soul Reaper powers. The next stage of the training is set where Ichigo will have to fight Urahara who is a former Captain in Soul Society.

20.During Ichigo’s fight with Urahara, Ichigo got to know his Zanpakuto’s name which is Zangetsu. Zangetsu allowed Ichigo to use his powers and Ichigo’s sword transform to a more powerful kind that allows Ichigo to release an energy blast. The energy blast knocked off Urahara’s hat and that was enough for Urahara to say the Ichigo passed the training. Chad and Orihime also finished their training with Yoruichi as well while Uryu trained alone. Seven days has passed and the group including Yoruichi who will be their guide leaves for Soul Society using a gate that Yoruichi and Urahara made.

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Απ: Πώς σας φάνηκαν τα επεισόδια 1-20

Την / Το Δευ Σεπ 29, 2014 7:18 pm
Καλά φάνηκαν βέβαια μου φάνηκε οτι άρχισε πολύ απότομα η ιστορία, το manga μου φάνηκε πολύ καλύτερο στην αρχή αν και δεν είχαν τρομερές διαφορές
Boηθός Διαχειριστή
Boηθός Διαχειριστή

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Απ: Πώς σας φάνηκαν τα επεισόδια 1-20

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Ωραίο μου έχει φανεί μέχρι στιγμής. Τα καλύτερα λόγια τα έχω ακούσει για μετά το 20 αλλά δεν θα το έλεγα και άσχημο μέχρι στιγμής. Πάντως αλλη κουλτούρα οι Ιάπωνες Cool

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