Power Rangers in Greece
Καλως ήρθες Ranger!
Το καλύτερο φόρουμ για Super Hero Fans στην Ελλάδα σε καλοσορίζει στην παρέα του!

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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Παρ Σεπ 29, 2017 2:02 pm
A police meeting was held where Kinzo Hanamura, a 64-year-old victim, was shown to have a blown on his head. Said victim is a real estate speculator who gained the reputation as bad as a gangster. Yet, a lot of people seemed to hold grudges upon his showing numerous suspects could be the convict. Genpachiro Otta revealed that Heavy Acceleration reports also concluded meaning the case involved in a Roidmude attack but his words became a laughing material to police forces since Genpachiro is currently affiliated with the Special Investigation Unit. He express his anger at the unit and swears to prove his theory to the police. Two of the team's members, Captain Jun and Kiriko took a day off since Kiriko is frantically made preparations for her little brother's comeback from America. Genpachiro and Shinnosuke investigate the crime scene but no sense of Density Shift particles even numerous peoples in Kinzo's house claimed its presence. A strange photographer appeared out of nowhere and took an embarrassing picture of Shinnosuke while declaring a competition to catch the culprit first. He quickly disappeared via numerous jumps and back-flips. Genpachiro managed to found an eyewitness whom claimed to spot a figure moving in a Heavy Acceleration at Kinzo's house. The figure himself is Naoki Todagawa, a Kuradawa Industry worker as he run from the two polices after being spotted. Todagawa armed himself with a metal pipe and runs after emitting a Heavy Acceleration wave. Todagawa runs into a hiding spot and later approached as a Roidmude while firing multiple bullet shots. As Genpachiro about to fall from a higher ground, Shinnosuke managed to get down safely by Shift Cars' tracks, transform into Drive Type Technique, and fought the Roidmude before he escaped. Despite falling from a great height, the Heavy Acceleration's effect slows the impact time for Genpachiro to land safely though he manages to get a glimpse of Drive before losing consciousness. As Shinnosuke de-transformed, the mysterious photographer capture silently took a picture of him. Back at the Special Investigation Unit's base, Genpachiro excitedly shared his news of the Roidmude's identity and his glimpse of the Kamen Rider. His depictions however a combination of Drive's Type Speed and Type Technique, since he can't clearly get a full view of the Rider's full appearance in all of the Roidmude cases. Shinnosuke and Rinna however quietly relieved since his false depiction didn't blown his cover. Outside, with Kyu's help, he searched an article of Naoki Todagawa, where the man firstly worked for Kinzo Hanamura before he was remained homeless. It was odd since a Roidmude tried to impersonate an average civilian. The mysterious photographer appeared again and toys with Kyu by turning his Roidmude snapshot into a paper plane, causing him to chase all over to the sea. He leaves while knowing Shinnosuke's identity while his paper planed-Roidmude snapshot turned into a teasing note. Genpachiro reported to Shinnosuke that he found Todagawa's hiding spot as Shinnosuke and the mysterious photographer rushed to the scene. While Todagawa was snacking, Genpachiro appeared and tried to arrest him. The man released another Heavy Acceleration through his bracelet but Genpachiro seemed unaffected thanks to Rinna's anti Density Shift backpack. His bracelet broke down and the Heavy Acceleration stopped. Shinnosuke arrived in his "top gear" mode, revealing that Todagawa and the Roidmude were not the same person by judging their hand usage: Todagawa is right handed and the Roidmude is left handed. But before he would go to the next conclusion, the mysterious photographer knocked away all his flashbacks. He revealed that Todagawa turned down Hanamura's offer to do some dirty work and in conclusion, his home was burned, resulted him taking refuge in an abandoned hall. He wanted revenge and one day, given a bracelet that able to release Heavy Acceleration wave by a Roidmude. A Heavy Acceleration Wave was released, slowing everyone but Shinnosuke and the mysterious photographer escaped. Mr. Belt arrived in Tridoron and Shinnosuke transform to battle the threat. The Roidmude claimed that Japan's Kamen Rider was worthless, meaning that Shinnosuke is not the only one. Kiriko appeared after being called by someone and the photographer revealed himself with a graceful introduction by Amazing Circus, an American Shift Car. He revealed his belt with multiple Shift Cars like devices appeared out of nowhere and transformed, declaring himself as Kamen Rider Mach. Mach fought the newly arrived Gunman Roidmude easily with his features and his Zenrin Shooter. After Gunman took cover, he assumed Mach Magarl and blow him out. Finally, he used Full Throttle to execute Kick Macher on Gunman, ending his threat. His Core survived and Medic, a new Roidmude managed to regain it back while disappeared into thin air. After a brief reunion, Kiriko and Mr. Belt revealed his name as Go Shijima, Kiriko's younger brother much to Shinnosuke's shock. At the Roidmude's base, Medic gave Gunman a new body and Heart assist him in his new plan by sending Chase and Brain as his teammate. Gunman even introduce his younger brother, Roidmude 018, whom also gave them a warm welcoming.[12]
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