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Το καλύτερο φόρουμ για Super Hero Fans στην Ελλάδα!
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 Αγαπημένα Quotes (One Piece)

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Boηθός Διαχειριστή

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 3773
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 28/09/2010
Ηλικία : 25
Τόπος : Αθήνα

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Αγαπημένα Quotes (One Piece)   Σαβ Μαϊος 09, 2015 5:57 pm

Ίσως το αγαπημένο μου είναι το:

If you hurt somebody... or if somebody hurts you, the same red blood will be shed! - Monkey D. Luffy

Μετά είναι τα:
- I am only one man with one heart... Call me a demon, call me a monster... but I can't be the strongest forever!!! - Whitebeard

- I realized that back then, the reason I wanted to become human, was that I really just wanted to have friends. Now, I just want to be a monster that can help Luffy. - Tony Tony Chopper

- Hero? No! We're pirates! I love heroes, but I don't wanna be one! Do you know what heroes are? Say there is a chunk of meat. Pirates will have a banquet and eat it, but heroes will share it with other people. I want all the meat! - Monkey D. Luffy

- What keeps me alive in this world is neither bodily organs, nor muscles - it's my soul! - Brook

- Μετά τον θάνατο του Whitebeard "Even in death, his body did not fall. His figure, taking down enemies while losing half of his head, was truly monstrous. The total number of sword wounds he received in this battle was 267. He was shot by 152 bullets. And was hit by 46 cannonballs. And despite all this, his proud back, over the course of his entire life as a pirate, never received a single scar from running away!"

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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 2902
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 18/08/2013
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Τόπος : Αθήνα

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Απ: Αγαπημένα Quotes (One Piece)   Τρι Μαϊος 19, 2015 9:55 am

Even... though I'm so worthless, even though... I carry the blood of a demon... thank you... for loving me - Ace (στην σκηνή του θανάτου του) 

As soon as someone finds the great tresure the entire world will be turned upside down and someone will find it, that day will definetly come sooner or later... ONE PIECE DOES EXIST!!!!!!! - whitebeard, τα τελευταία του λόγια

I thought wishing for it was forbidden... nobody would allow me that...if..if I am allowed to declare my wish...then....I WANT TO LIVE! TAKE ME OUT TO THE SEA WITH YOU -Robin

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Αγαπημένα Quotes (One Piece)
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