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Καλως ήρθες Ranger!
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Την / Το Σαβ Φεβ 07, 2015 4:39 pm
Περίληψη :
The Machine Empire Baranoia , having finished two years of preparation, launches an assault on Earth. Civilians flee in terror as armies of Barlo Soldiers  terrorize the land and the sky.
In a nearby military base, the situation becomes clear; last month New York and Paris were attacked, this time it's Tokyo. Baranoia demands control of the Earth's food supply, and half of the population for transport offworld as their slaves, or else total destruction. When asked, the base's commander says that the four chosen for the special mission should be on their way here. At that point, word comes in that the Thunderwings on their way from another base have met with Baranoia forces.
The soldiers being sent for--ShouheiYujiJuri , and Momo --get into a dogfight with the pursuing flyingTakonpas , but are shot down. Captain Goro Hoshino  asks to go after them, since they are all part of Ohranger, and does so, taking a helicopter to another base and removing his military garb to reveal a very different uniform beneath. He takes another Thunderwing out.
On the ground, Barlo Soldiers attack the four soldiers. They flee through a forest and swing over a gorge, eventually losing their pursuers. As they start a fire, they discuss Ohranger, and Momo is frightened by a snake, which slithers up her leg. As the men remove it (and Juri is irritated by Momo's shrieking), Barlo Soldiers find and attack them. The four flee, even going over a waterfall, but Bara Drill  comes at them from beneath. As they are surrounded once more, Goro arrives in his Thunderwing, giving them cover fire.
Goro, on a red motorcycle, drops from the Thunderwing into battle, striking Bara Drill so he accidentally vaporizes one of the Takonpas. Using his Power Brace, he transforms into OhRed. Once he's defeated most of the Barlo, he's confronted by Bara Drill and a Takonpas. OhRed maneuvers himself so that both enemies blast each other.
As OhRed destroys Bara Drill with his Star Riser, the UAOH members kill the rogue Barlo with its own weapons. Emerging from the flames, OhRed greets his confused future teammates.

Θα πω εξαιρετικό, προσωπικά στο μεγαλύτερο μέρος του επεισοδίου σχεδόν ξέχασα οτι βλέπω sentai, φαίνεται ξεκάθαρα απο την αρχή το πόσο σοβαρή σειρά είναι, επίσης μου άρεσε που δεν έγιναν γρήγορα sentai και που γενικά δεν είδαμε sentai εκτός απο τον κόκκινο στα τελευταία λεπτά. Επίσης αρκετά cgi ήταν παρα πολυ καλά, ίσως και καλύτερα απο αυτά που έχουμε συνηθίσει στις νεότερες σεζον
Green Rider
Green Rider
Dragonball Super
Power Rangers Ninja Steel
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Ηλικία : 35
Τόπος : Mirror World

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Την / Το Τρι Φεβ 10, 2015 3:53 pm
Απο τα πιο απίστευτα πρώτα επεισόδια στην ιστορία των Super Sentai. Απίστευτο πόσο ρεαλιστικός μοιάζει ο πόλεμος μεταξύ ανθρωπότητας και αυτοκρατορίας των Μηχανών!
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