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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1753
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 24/08/2012
Ηλικία : 19
Τόπος : gallifrey

Πώς σας φάνηκαν τα επεισόδια 266-316

Την / Το Κυρ Δεκ 08, 2013 12:35 pm
266.This episode recaps the story of the war between Soul Society and Aizen's arrancars and concludes with Ichigo and Ulquiorra about to renew their fight. 

267.Ichigo and Ulquiorra's final battle properly gets underway with the two of them being more or less evenly matched. Ichigo is able to read his opponent's movements better than he could when they first fought, and manages to wound Ulquiorra, if even slightly. Ichigo surmises that it's either he is becoming more like a Hollow or his opponent is becoming more human, which angers Ulquiorra. Meanwhile, Chad and Renji fight a gigantic Hollow in the desert of Las Noches, eventually claiming victory after discovering its weakness. Back in the Tower, Orihime manages to protect Ichigo from a near-lethal attack from Ulquiorra. 

268.Ichigo and Ulquiorra continue their fight as Loly and Menoly approach Orhime, getting ready to torture her, quoting that Aizen said that she was now useless. Loly orders Menoly to rip Orihime to shreds but she refuses, telling Loly that Orihime has outstanding power which can heal anything. Loly berates Menoly and begins to torture Orihime by herself as Ichigo tries to reach Orihime despite Ulquiorra blocking him. Yammy arrives, kills Menoly, and injures Loly when Ulquiorra refuses to let him fight Ichigo. Orihime heals Loly, who then releases her zanpakutō, revealing herself with multiple venomous skeletal tentacles and she squares off with Yammy. Yammy punches her through the wall and lets her fall, seemingly to her death. He then aims for Orihime, who tries to defend herself with Santen Kesshun as Ichigo still tries to defeat Ulquiorra. Meanwhile, Rukia continues to fight the Exequias as Chad and Renji slaughter Hollows. At the end of the episode, Uryu Ishida bursts through the wall with his Quincy bow, about to join Ichigo in fighting and rescuing Orihime. 

269.Uryu fights Yammy separate from the group, using the majority of his Quincy techniques to attempt to defeat the giant Arrancar, all the while luring him into a trap. Using mines he had gotten from Mayuri Kurotsuchi and planting them on every floor of the 5th tower, Uryu succeeds in dropping Yammy all the way to ground level. Meanwhile, Rukia has difficulty in dispatching Rudobone's soldiers until Chad and Renji show up to give her a hand. Ichigo, still battling Ulquiorra, dons his Hollow mask and starts to overwhelm his opponent. Ulquiorra breaks through the dome of Las Noches in order to release his zanpakutō, Murciélago, raising his abilities to the point where he nearly decapitates Ichigo with his first attack. 

270.Ichigo tries to fend off Ulquiorra's attacks with mixed results. However, he declares that he will never give up even if the arrancar is stronger than he is. Ulquiorra responds by transforming into a second release, Resurrección Segunda Etapa, that he claims Aizen himself has not seen. Ichigo attempts to defend himself and get in an attack, but Ulquiorra is too fast and powerful for him. Eventually, when Orihime and Ishida reach the surface, they discover that Ichigo has already been defeated and captured by Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra then tells Orihime to watch how he will extinguish her last hope by killing Ichigo. With that, he punches a hole through Ichigo's chest by firing his Cero Oscuras. 

271.Orihime and Uryū arrive just in time to see Ulquiorra execute Ichigo, via cero through chest. Horrified, Orihime rushes to Ichigo's lifeless body, only to be blocked by Ulquiorra. Uryū intervenes and attempts a sneak attack but fails, and decides to buy Orihime time to heal Ichigo's wounds. Ulquiorra quickly overwhelms him, while a distraught Orihime cries out for Ichigo. Orihime's lament breakdown unexpectedly triggers Ichigo to undergo a new hollowfication. Ulquiorra, surprised at the transformation, unleashes a Cero Oscuras, but only to have it blocked by Ichigo's own Cero. After a quick skirmish, Ichigo manages to sever one of Ulquiorra's arm. Ulquiorra reveals his incredible ability to regenerate non-vital organs instantaneously. He regenerates his severed arm and unveils his most devastating attack, the Lanza del Relámpago. The attack proves fruitless as Ichigo dodges it without effort and Ulquiorra is quickly overwhelmed and defeated. 

272.As the Exequia leader continuously produces more soldiers to defend him, Sado and Renji attack him simultaneously with them breaking his defense while Rukia freezes Rudobone. Rudobone is then finished off by Yammy who abruptly arrives at the scene. Meanwhile, in his new hollow form, Ichigo finishes Ulquiorra point-blank with his cero and is about keep attacking him when Uryu stops him, trying to end his merciless attacks. However, Ichigo stabs Uryu with his zanpakutō. Before Ichigo can finish Uryu off with his cero, Ulquiorra awakes and interrupts Ichigo's attack, causing his cero to blast around himself instead. At this point, Ichigo breaks out of his Hollow form and returns to his normal self. Ulquiorra wants a rematch while Ichigo comes to a compromise by trying to fight even with him. Ulquiorra agrees to his terms but suddenly realizes his body is expiring, due to over-exhaustion of his own power. He asks Ichigo to kill him but he refuses. While his body turns to ash, Ulquiorra remembers his conversations with Orihime and realizes he has grown a heart within himself. Ulquiorra asks Orihime if she's afraid of him, and replies she is not. Satisfied with her answer, Ulquiorra dissolves and fades into the winds. 

273.Yammy becomes enraged at Ulquiorra's death and releases his zanpakuto, Ira. He grows to a colossal size and his rank increases from 10 to 0, explaining that the Espada ranks go from 0 to 9. Rukia, Sado and Renji go all out on him, but he successfully blocks all their attacks. Meanwhile, in the fake Karakura, Tier Harribel continues her fight with Toshiro Hitsugaya. As the captains struggle against the Espada, Halibel releases her sword, Tiburón, and slices Hitsugaya's body in two. As she attempts to move toward Captain-Commander Yamamoto to exact revenge on him for destroying her Fraccion, Hitsugaya reappears and reveals it was merely an ice illusion. 

274.Captain Hitsugaya and Harribel use an array of water and ice-type attacks. Since Captain Hitsugaya can turn any water into ice, and Harribel can turn any ice into water, both of their attacks neutralize each other out. But, both of them have a plan to turn the battleground into water, and finish off the opponent in a single blow. As Hitsugaya tries to keep up with Harribel and protect the injured lieutenants (Matsumoto, Hinamori, Hisagi, Iba), he is injured severely from Harribel'sCascada and a Cero. But, when Harribel comments on Hitsugaya not being able to fight at full strength, Hitsugaya stands up and extols at Hyōrinmaru being the strongest of all snow and ice zanpakutō, which gives the wielder the control of the heavens. He is then about to unleash his strongest attack Hyōten Hyakkasō. 

275.Hitsugaya releases his Hyōten Hyakkaso, an attack that manipulates the weather then uses it to dramatically increase its power, and successfully freezes Harribel, trapping her in a tower of ice. Meanwhile, Suì-Fēng and Omaeda continue their fight against Barragan. He explains how each Espada represents an aspect of death, with his being aging. He demonstrates this aspect on Suì-Fēng: first, by slowing her reaction time, making her unable to land any of her attacks on him, then by grabbing her shoulder and aging it to the point that it breaks from frailty. Omaeda and Suì-Fēng devise a strategy and attack Barragan but Omaeda hesitates at the last moment and it fails. Barragan then releases his zanpakutō, Arrogante, and unleashes his Respira, a dark cloud that decays everything in its path. His Respira chases after Suì-Fēng and manages to reach her left hand, withering it down to the bone then begins to spread up her arm. Suì-Fēng, realizing that her whole body will decay into nothing unless drastic action is taken, orders Omaeda to cut off her left arm before the Respira can spread further, which he does. 

276.The battle between the Soul Reapers and the Espada becomes more and more tense. Suì-Fēng and Omaeda find themselves in a bad situation against Barragan's Respira. They can't even counterattack Respira because they can't get anywhere near it. Then, Suì-Fēng goes off somewhere, leaving Omaeda to fight Barragan alone. Omaeda tries to buy time but finds himself impotent against Barragan. Just when Omaeda is backed into a corner, Suì-Fēng arrives, having released her Bankai, a large golden weapon that covers her entire arm. She then fires a missile at Barragan which leads to a gigantic explosion. 

277.Suì-Fēng fires her Bankai missile at Barragan and creates a massive explosion which sends her flying but Omaeda manages to catch her, protecting her from crashing into a building. Starrk and Kyōraku continue their fight as Starrk pressures Kyōraku to show him his Bankai. Starrk then calls Lillynette and he fuses together with her in order to release his Resurrección form. The fight resumes as Starrk gains the upper hand. As Kyōraku is in trouble with Starrk's cero, Ukitake uses his shikai which leaves Starrk questioning if Ukitake just fired a cero. 

278.Kyōraku allows Ukitake to join him in fighting Starrk. Starrk fights Ukitake for a bit and notices his shikai's technique which absorbs his cero's and shoot it back out again. Just then, a huge Garganta opens up and reveals Wonderweiss and another gigantic hollow next to him. Wonderweiss then comes to each Espada's aid by stabbing Ukitake in the chest while Starrk shoots Kyōraku with a cero making both Kyōraku and Ukitake faint to the ground. Wonderweiss then uses one of his loud screams which shatters the ice that Harribel was trapped in and she escapes unharmed. Wonderweiss then blows of the smoke remaining after Suì-Fēng's bankai missile out of Barragan making him resume his place. He finally has the giant hollow blow away the flames surrounding Aizen, Gin and Tōsen. Just when the Soul Reapers begin to panic, the Visoreds make an unsuspected arrival right in front of Aizen, Gin and Tōsen. 

279.Hirako and the other Visoreds arrive at the fake Karakura town to assist with the fights. When Head Captain Yamamoto notices the Visored they flashback from 101 years ago. In the fake Karakura town, Lisa quickly rushes off to see Kyōraku. Hirako explains to Yamamoto that he is not their ally, but that he is Aizen's enemy, and says that he is also an ally of Ichigo. Wonderweiss starts shouting very loud which causes Fūrā to open up and then releases a lot of Menos, but the Visored quickly defeat them. Hirako confronts Aizen, but Tōsen stops the attack before it hits him. Tōsen then starts to attack Hirako but is stopped by Komamura. Harribel breaks out of the ice that Hitsugaya encased her in and goes to attack him, but Lisa stops the attack in time. Hiyori also comes to help him in defeating Harribel. Mashiro goes to attack Fūrā and she quickly defeats it while Love and Rōjūrō confront Starrk. Komamura and Tōsen are quickly interrupted by Hisagi who wants to join Komamura in defeating him. 

280.Hisagi joins Komamura to battle Tōsen in hopes of bringing his former captain back to his senses. Meanwhile the other Soul Reapers form an uneasy alliance with the Visoreds: Lisa, Hiyori, and Hitsugaya take on Halibel. Love and Rose go against Starkk and he starts off the battle by firing a cero from his gun surprising both of them. Hachi, Omaeda, and Soi Fon take on Barragan. Hachi starts off by making a barrier around Barragan but he easily makes the kido age and dissipate. Then Hachi made a wall to buy some time and talk to Soi Fon once more. They make a promise and Soi Fon agrees to hit Barragan with her bankai once more. Hachi then summons three more barriers to keep Barragan in one place when Hachi opens the barrier for Soi Fon to hit Barragan with her bankai since last time, he survived by making the missile age and redirecting the explosion away from him. Soi Fon makes Hachi promise once more to seal Kisuke in a barrier for a month and she fires her bankai. After that, it shows Shinji trying to sneak up on Gin and Aizen but failing and remarking that one more of Aizen's allies have fallen. 

281.Barragan survives Soi Fon's bankai although half his face has been destroyed. In anger he fires out his Respira attack until he rots away Hachigen's hand. However, Hachigen removes his hand via kido and places it in Barragan's body, causing him to rot away. Barragan shouts how he will kill Aizen, and in a flashback it is revealed he was once the ruler of Hueco Mundo until dethroned by Aizen. In his final moments, Barragan tosses his axe at Aizen but it disintegrates and Barragan dies. Starrk shows distress at his death and vows to avenge him. 

282.Starrk shows no sign of getting serious in his battle against Love and Rose. Running out of patience, Lilinette begins to mindlessly fire at the two Visoreds without Starrk's permission. But her attacks prove to be ineffective against the two, and she is gradually cornered by the pair's fine team play. Finally, Love hits Starrk with his Zanpakuto attack, and the Espada is thrown into a sea of flames. While the duel between Harribel, the Visoreds and Hitsugaya continues, Starrk summons a pack of wolves, made from parts of his and Lillinette's souls, which explode on impact. When his victory seems assured, Starrk is unexpectedly stabbed in the back. 

283.It is revealed that Shunsui Kyoraku was the one who had stabbed Starrk using his Kageoni attack. He then explains that his zanpakuto loves to play games and explains the rules of the games. Starrk catches on quickly and learns to use Kyoraku's attacks against him. Lillinette saves Starrk from a fatal attack by Kyoraku by absorbing an attack, this kills her. Starrk shows distress at her death, when Kyoraku uses his Irooni game. Starrk, again learns how to play the game and almost defeats Kyoraku. Kyoraku, however, finishes Starrk off by calling out "Black" after taking his captain's haori off, dealing a massive amount of damage to Starrk. As Starrk dies, he remembers he is not alone. Meanwhile, Aizen has grown tired of the battle and decides he no longer needs Harribel and slashes her. 

284.Harribel recalls her past when she was a Vasto Lorde-ranked Hollow. Saving her then-future Fracción Apacci from a male Hollow, Harribel recruits her into her group, along with Mila Rose and Sung-Sun to grow stronger and kill ravenous male Hollow. The quartet later encounter Barragan when he was king of Hueco Mundo, and Harribel wounds a shark-like Hollow when he approaches her. Aizen, Gin and Kaname arrive in Hueco Mundo to recruit Barragan, Aizen taking interest in Harribel. Some time later, Harribel's group is attacked by the shark Hollow, now an Arrancar. Harribel fights him but nearly loses. Her friends also fight him but are also defeated. Aizen appears and kills the Arrancar. He then offers Harribel a place in his army, telling her that no one would have to be sacrificed in order to grow stronger. In the present, Aizen expresses disappointment in the Espada's strength. Harribel angrily attacks him, then realizes that she attacked an illusion and that she has been stabbed from the back of her left shoulder by the real Aizen. He then states that he will never allow her to raise her sword against him again and withdraws his sword, sending Harribel plummeting into the city below. Aizen then challenges the Gotei 13 and Visored in combat. 

285.Wonderweiss battles Mashiro who takes the upperhand until her mask breaks. Before Wonderwiess can finish her off Kensei steps in and saves her. Taking her place in fight, Kensei releases his Bankai. Meanwhile the rest of the Visored regroup in front of Aizen along with Soi Fon and Toshiro. Hiyori explains to Aizen why they have a score to settle with him, flashing back to the events that happened on the night of 101 years ago. Shinji commands everyone to not fall for Aizen's taunts. Hiyori falls for his tricks and rushes in for an attack at Aizen only to be stabbed in the back by Gin, badly injuring her. Shinji catches her, and Hiyori apologizes for not being able to hold back. Hirako calls for Ichigo, realizing that Orihime can still heal her. Meanwhile, back in Hueco Mundo, Ichigo has gone to help Chad, Rukia, and Renji. The three are still in a battle with Yammy, trying to come up with tricks to defeat him but are ultimately defeated. 

286.Ichigo manages to reach where Rukia, Chad, and Renji were after Rukia was thrown by Yammy. Ichigo manages to cut Yammy slightly with a point-blank Getsuga Tensho using a new Hollow mask, but is unable to wear it again. Yammy takes advantage of the situation and grabs Ichigo, with an intent of crushing him with its bare hands. Byakuya and Kenpachi save Ichigo, having cut one of Yammy's legs off. Mayuri Kurotsuchi arrives and tells everyone that he has managed to analyze the Garganta and offers to send Ichigo back to Karakura Town through it. Byakuya reminds Ichigo that his duty is supposed to be protecting Karakura Town, and not fighting at Hueco Mundo. Retsu Unohana decides to go along with Ichigo. 

287.In a special episode, Ichigo and a number of other characters take part in an alternate world that hinges closely on the stories of [Πρέπει να είστε εγγεγραμμένοι και συνδεδεμένοι για να δείτε αυτόν το σύνδεσμο.]. Ichigo finds out that this is all a dream, and strives to wake up, while the others are intent on finding a hidden treasure called a Snow Crystal. Throughout a series of misadventures, Ichigo and the others encounter a magic lamp with the power to grant three wishes, the "genie" being Rukia, who, by breaking the laws of granting wishes is sentenced to be executed in the "Lamp Society". Ichigo and the others go to rescue her, and by doing so, Ichigo is granted the third and final wish. Instead of being wished to wake up from the dream he is supposedly having, he opts for the Snow Crystal. But when it appears, it is revealed that the whole ordeal was dreamed up by Isane Kotetsu in the Soul Society. 

288.The battle between Yammy Riyalgo and Kenpachi Zaraki continues as the latter seems to have the upper hand. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Retsu Unohana head for the world of the living through the Garganta opened by Mayuri Kurotsuchi who discusses the after war period with Byakuya Kuchiki. Unohana reveals to Ichigo that he is the only person who can defeat Sosuke Aizen, since he is the only one that did not witness his Shikai sword release; she also informs him that "seeing" his Shikai is out of the question. Ichigo, realizing his great responsibility, resolves to defeat Aizen. Back in Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi is still dominating Yammy, seemingly defeating him and prompting Byakuya to finish him off, who refuses to do so as Yammy suddenly fires a Cero at both captains. 

289.Kenpachi scolds Byakuya for being useless and not finishing off Yammy earlier. Byakuya gets angry and squares off with Kenpachi to see who is stronger. Yammy attempts to attack, but is promptly struck down by both Kenpachi and Byakuya for interrupting their feud. Yammy gets angry and grows into a new, stronger form, revealing that his rage lets him become stronger. Meanwhile, Shinji confronts Aizen. Shūhei Hisagi and Captain Komamura both attack former captain Kaname Tōsen. When Tōsen decides to use his "true power", he shocks both Hisagi and Captain Komamaru by donning a Hollow mask instead of using his bankai. Hisagi and Komamura are both disheartened to see how far Tōsen has gone to attain more power. Tosen quickly dispatches Hisagi with a slash across his chest and Komamura prepares to release his Bankai. 

290.Komamura learns the truth behind Tōsen's relentless search for justice: Tōsen had lost a beloved friend to murder by her Shinigami husband, and he joined the academy in order to get his revenge for her demise. Komamura activates his Bankai but is blocked continually by Tōsen who tells him that he knows his Bankai's weakness, which is that he can cause damage to Komamura himself whenever his Bankai is damaged. Tōsen then activates his Resurección, Suzumushi Hyakushiki Grillar Grillo, which takes the form of a hairy insect. When he opens his eyes in this new form, Tōsen exults that he can see the world for the first time. Meanwhile, Aizen finally draws his blade against Hirako. Hirako then tells him he is sorely mistaken if he believes he is the only one with a zanpakuto that has power over the senses and calls for his Shikai. 

291.Tōsen does not seem to fight as well in his new form now that he can see, but still easily defeats Komamura with a cero. As he charges another cero to finish Komamura, who has given up, Hisagi stabs Tōsen, then claims that if he did not have sight, he could have easily dodged his attack. Hisagi releases his zanpakuto, and slices Tōsen through the neck, dispelling his hollowfied form. Meanwhile, Hirako releases his shikai, which has the ability to create great visual illusions, he calls the inverted world. Shinji seems to have the upper hand and hits Aizen several times. However, Aizen messed with his senses earlier, claiming that his zanpakuto's abilities are a far cry from his, and slices Hirako's back. The defeated Tōsen comes to his senses, and requests to see Hisagi's face clearly once more, but dies when an internal impact destroys his body. Hisagi is devastated while Komamura rages at Aizen, who purposely killed Tosen. At this point, Ichigo appears behind Aizen preparing to attack him. 

292.Ichigo's attack fails to wound Aizen, who easily overwhelms him but does not kill him. As Aizen starts questioning Ichigo's purpose for fighting him, Komamura calms him and tells him to not fall for his ruse. All of the captains and Visoreds then join in, to protect Ichigo so that he does not witness Aizen's Shikai, so that he can finish him off. After Hitsuguya charges in, Aizen provokes him to attack with all his hatred. Aizen mentions Momo and if the hatred had disappeared because of her, and Hitsugaya attacks in a rage. Hitsugaya releases his Bankai as the other Soul Reapers join him. 

293.Komamura, Rose, Love, and Lisa join Hitsugaya in fighting Aizen, but all four are easily defeated. Suì-Fēng, Kyoraku and Shinji manage to confuse Aizen, allowing Hitsugaya to deal the final blow on him. As the Soul Reapers cheer on Aizen's defeat, a shocked Ichigo yells at them, asking them what they are doing. It is revealed that everybody except for Ichigo was under Aizen's Kyokasuigetsu illusion and Hitsugaya had mistakenly stabbed Momo Hinamori, while Aizen reveals himself to be acting as Hinamori. Enraged, Hitsugaya charges at Aizen but is cut down, his left limbs cut off. Suì-Fēng, Kyoraku and Hirako attempt to attack Aizen, but all are cut down as well. 

294.With the captains defeated, Aizen stabs Yamamoto who initiates his Ennetsu Jigoku technique to trap him, which will kill not only Aizen, but everyone else in the process. However, Wonderweiss appears and extinguishes Yamamoto's flames, revealing himself to have the ability to nullify Ryūjin Jakka. Yamamoto and Wonderweiss engage in unarmed combat, in which the former shatters the latter's body to pieces using hand-to-hand techniques. As Yamamoto stands before Aizen again, Wonderweiss unleashes the flames sealed in his body as he dies. Yamamoto uses his body to minimize the damage the explosion causes. Aizen approaches the immobile Yamamoto and prepares to finish him off, but Yamamoto uses his body as catalyst for the powerful Hadō spell, Ittō Kasō, and catches Aizen in the ensuing explosion. As Aizen manages to get away relatively unscathed, Ichigo attacks him. 

295.Ichigo uses his hollow-powered Getsuga Tenshō to attack Aizen, wounding him in the process. However, it is revealed that Aizen has fused with the Hōgyoku, which heals his wounded chest. A glad Aizen then explains to Ichigo that all the battles he has fought were part of his plan, as such these battles are recapped in the rest of the episode. 

296.After the recap ends, Ichigo is told that Aizen was recording all of his battles and had set up the events that occurred too. Aizen then reveals that he knew about him since his birth, trying to tell Ichigo he is part human and part ... but before finishing his speech, he is interrupted by Ichigo's father, Isshin Kurosaki, in Soul Reaper form. After putting some distance along with Ichigo from Aizen, Isshin tries to tell his son that he will reveal the truth about his actions later but Ichigo tells him that there is no need for that as he realizes he is half soul reaper. Isshin then attacks Aizen, while Ichigo confronts Gin. 

297.As Isshin continues to attack Aizen, Gin, who is fighting Ichigo, activates his Bankai, Kamishini no Yari, which allows him to extend his blade to great lengths, stating that he will not hold back unlike the last time they fought each other. His first attack is blocked by Ichigo. Elsewhere, as the battle between Aizen and Isshin still rages on, the former reveals that he has reached the limit of his Soul Reaper self. Subsequently, the Hōgyoku begins to reconstruct his soul. In shock, Isshin discovers through Aizen's statements the true power of the Hōgyoku, which is to "manifest" the desires of all the people within its vicinity. As Aizen's transformation intensifies, Kisuke Urahara arrives to participate in the battle. 

298.This is a special episode to promote the fourth Bleach movie, [Πρέπει να είστε εγγεγραμμένοι και συνδεδεμένοι για να δείτε αυτόν το σύνδεσμο.]. In the Soul Society, all Soul Reapers of the Gotei 13 have formed teams that have to make a successful movie. Ichigo, Chad, Orihime, Rukia, Renji, Rangiku and Byakuya team up to make a movie named "Battle Maid Cap, Protect The Soul Society From Space Invaders". They soon begin filming the scenes, with Renji as the director, he distributes roles on all the actors. In the film, Ichigo has to save Rukia who is held hostage by Rangiku, he succeeds in doing so. And after a skirmish with the guardians of the Sōkyoku hill, the movie ends. 

299.A short Prologue from the fourth Bleach movie, [Πρέπει να είστε εγγεγραμμένοι και συνδεδεμένοι για να δείτε αυτόν το σύνδεσμο.]. Rukia is attacked by a strange monster revealed to be Shrieker, the bat-like Hollow Ichigo defeated and banished to Hell. Now an Unforgiven, a denzin of Hell, Shrieker reveals that he can exit Hell at will, but is defeated by Rukia with help from Renji. After learning of the incident, Yamamoto decides to send Renji and Rukia to investigate, but warns not to involve Ichigo Kurosaki. In Hell, Szayelaporro Grantz and Aaroniero Arruruerie, dead after their battles with the Soul Reapers, encounter Shuren, Taikon, Gunjo, and Garogai, who are Unforgiven. The Espada attack Shuren, but are easily defeated. Disappointed, Shuren turns his attention to Ichigo's Hollow form as a means of escaping Hell. 

300.Urahara and Yoruichi arrive to stop Aizen. Urahara had prepared a few tricks for the fight, including some special armor for Yoruichi. Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin all engage Aizen, but with every passing second, he becomes stronger and changes his appearance due to being infused with the Hōgyoku. Meanwhile the battle between Ichigo and Gin continues. The episode ends with Rangiku running towards Gin. 

301.Ichigo hollowfies and attacks Gin, but Gin slices off Ichigo's Hollow mask. While Yoruichi, Urahara, and Isshin continue to fight Aizen, Matsumoto is seen by Kira running towards Gin. Uninterested in Ichigo anymore, Gin tells Ichigo to get lost. Just when Gin is about to kill Ichigo, Aizen appears behind Ichigo, revealing to have defeated Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin. Aizen and Gin leave to go to Karakura town. In the Precipice World they encounter The Cleaner. Gin tries to tell Aizen it would be impossible to destroy it, and yet Aizen succeeds with a single blow. Ichigo and Isshin go into the Precipice World after them. After realizing Aizen must have destroyed The Cleaner, Isshin tells Ichigo he will teach him the Final Getsuga Tensho. 

302.In the Precipice World, Isshin describes to Ichigo that time in the Precipice World is reduced to the point that if one were to stay in that world for 2000 hours (3 months), only one hour will have passed in the outside world, making it ideal for training purposes now that The Cleaner has been destroyed. Isshin devises a method for Ichigo to learn the Final Getsuga Tensho in 2000 hours in that world. To do that, Ichigo must directly contact his zanpakuto. Once entering his inner world, he meets the spirit of his bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, who refuses to co-operate with him, and pulls out the "source of his despair" which turns out to be Ichigo's inner hollow. Meanwhile, in the real Karakura, Keigo and Arisawa both wake up and wander through the town, pondering what has happened to them. Aizen and Gin confront both of them, paralyzing them with their reiatsu. 

303.The start shows the Soul Society having New Years, where a simple card game goes out of control, all the way up until Soi Fon uses her bankai and attacks all the lieutenants and Toshiro to get Yoruichi's card, which everyone else thinks is a simple black cat. Meanwhile, in the world of the living, the story lies on Orihime thinking about everyone being with their family. Orihime says she had the best New Year's, then Rukia convinces her to go to the shrine, where she shockingly sees Ichigo, Uryu, Chad, and Renji. 

304.Another dream like scenario, this time with Ichigo and the others as various monsters protecting the Snow Crystal from the hunters, Isshin and Ryūken, though Ichigo, who is a [Πρέπει να είστε εγγεγραμμένοι και συνδεδεμένοι για να δείτε αυτόν το σύνδεσμο.], just wants the Snow Crystal for himself so he can turn human and wake up from the dream. 

305.Shūhei, who has a crush on Rangiku, is paired with her in order to investigate some mysterious murders, which leads them to a hot springs inn. 

306.Don Kanonji arrives between Tatsuki and Aizen and becomes determined to fight against him until Rangiku arrives just in time to stop him from getting killed. She instructs Don to take Tatsuki with him, whilst she and Gin go somewhere. Meanwhile, Tensa Zangetsu shows Ichigo his inner hollow, revealing to him it was the form he defeated Ulquiorra in. Zangetsu then joins with the Hollow Ichigo, revealing that they were one to begin with, and resumes his battle with Ichigo. As Tatsuki and Don reunite with Keigo, Gin wounds Rangiku and rejoins Aizen in chasing after them. 

307.Aizen continues to chase Ichigo's friends. They all make various attempts to stop him but they all fail. Gin returns to Aizen and tells him that he eliminated Rangiku, and Aizen claims he will begin creating the Ouken after he kills Ichigo's friends. Gin then pulls a surprising move by grabbing Aizen's sword and then impaling him through the chest. He reveals his bankai's true ability, that it turns to dust when it contracts and retracts, and is also capable of leaving a lethal poison in one's body, that dissolves it at a cellular rate. Aizen begins to perish as Gin escapes with the Hogyoku in hand. However, the Hogyoku still belongs to Aizen whether it is inside him or not, and as a result, keeps him alive by evolving him to an even greater form. Gin has a momentary flashback of when he first saw Aizen with Rangiku unconscious on the ground which encouraged him to kill the former. In the present, the newly evolved Aizen teleports to Gin's location and brutally slashes him across the middle. 

308.Gin recalls apologizing to Matsumoto back on Sokyoku Hill and is satisfied with that. Before Aizen can kill anybody else, Ichigo shows up on the scene with his unconscious father over his shoulder. Gin sees the changed look in Ichigo's eyes and closes his eyes, content with what he had done. Ichigo wishes to change the location of their fight and jumps at Aizen, grabbing his face and pushing him many miles away from the town. Aizen, still believing that he can easily defeat him, surmises that Ichigo has not lost his Spiritual Pressure; he has "discarded" it in turn for physical strength. Each swing in the clash between the two is powerful enough to annihilate large amounts of terrain. Aizen becomes increasingly arrogant, and is shocked once again when Ichigo effortlessly stop his blade with his bare hand. Aizen unleashes a complete incantation of the allegedly unstoppable Black Coffin spell upon Ichigo, proving to be of no effect. 

309.Ichigo wounds Aizen with his blade, and his opponent retreats. The Hogyoku forces yet another transformation upon him, and he becomes a Hollow-like creature. Ichigo then unleashes the Final Getsuga Tensho. Through a flashback it is revealed that while in his inner world, Ichigo could not defeat Tensa Zangetsu, until he allowed his zanpakuto to pierce him, thereby accepting him, and the consequences of the technique, which would strip Ichigo of his Soul Reaper powers. Unleashing the Final Getsuga Tensho allows Ichigo to actually become Getsuga itself, and he unleashes a torrent of darkness that enshrouds the land and overwhelms Aizen. However, Aizen prepares to finish off a weakened Ichigo thanks to the Hogyoku. Aizen is stopped by a kido by Kisuke Urahara, who steps onto the scene, that he planted it inside of the kido he shot just before Aizen transformed the first time. Now that his power has been weakened by Ichigo the seal has begun to work and the Hogyoku no longer sees him as its master resulting in his sealing. 

310.In the aftermath of the Winter War, all of the Soul Reapers begin to recuperate, and in some cases, train, as does Hitsugaya with his bankai. Hiyori is healed by Unohana, but ultimately it is up to her own will if she is to survive. Ichigo questions what Aizen's true motives might have been the whole time, before he is reunited with his friends. However, he suddenly blacks out. In Central 46, Aizen is sentenced to 20,000 years in the lowest underground level of the prison. Yammy is shown defeated in Hueco Mundo. In Rukia's house, Ichigo wakes up and it is revealed that he went through the first couple of stages in losing his powers: his hair is back to its original length, as is his height. Now it is only a matter of an undertermined time before he permanently loses his Soul Reaper powers. However, Ichigo is mainly glad to see all of his friends alive and well. 

311.A mysterious person with the power to hypnotize people comes to Karakura. It's soon revealed that the Arrancar enemy that the Karakura superheroes defeated previously has returned, seeking vengeance. 

312.This episode starts off with many Soul Reapers, including Ayasegawa Yumichika and Madarame Ikkaku, greeting "Captain" Omaeda; however, it is soon revealed that it was just Omaeda's dream. Omaeda is about to go back to sleep when he realises that his little afternoon nap had turned into a 3 hour sleep. Omaeda realises that he is already late and begins to run back to the Sereitei so he does not get punished by Soi Fon. However, he falls off a cliff as he does so and apparently saves the life of a Rukongai boy by falling on top of a hollow who was about to attack the boy, who takes him back to his village where Omaeda claims he is the captain of the 2nd Division. The villagers serve Omaeda platefuls of their best food to express their gratitude to the 'captain' for saving the boy, Ryuzaburo. That night Omaeda who is sleeping in the Rukongai village wakes up and rushes back to 2nd Division's barracks after realising that he will be severely punished by his captain. The next day, Omaeda is shown apologizing and trying desperately to get mercy from his captain, but SoiFon states that Omaeda's presence was not missed and sends him to clean the Seretei grounds by himself. Meanwhile Ryuzaburo and 2 of his friends are trying to get into Seretei to see their 'captain'. Yoruichi and Ichigo happen to be passing by and Yoruichi tells Jidanbo to let the boys in and that she will take responsibility for it. The boys tell Yoruichi and Ichigo that the 'captain' never said his name but that he was the captain of 2nd Division. When they arrive at 2nd Squad's barracks Omaeda begs Yoruichi and Ichigo to go along with the story to which Yoruichi agrees to while Ichigo on the other hand was reluctant. Yoruichi gives many suggestions to the boys as to what they should have Omaeda show them. As Omaeda is walking down the street with the 3 boys, they run into Yumichika and Ikkaku, who also play along with the story in order to get cash from Omaeda. Yumichika then tells Matsumoto about this, who then notifies a big group of female shinigamis to follow. In the end even SoiFon plays along with the story by giving Omaeda a massage and also doing his chores for him after being persuaded by Yoruichi. However, at the end of the day, the three boys overhear Ikkaku and Yumichika discussing the fact that Omaeda would never become a captain. Ryuzaburo becomes angry at Omaeda and runs home only to be stopped by the hollow from the day before but Omaeda saves him and bids him farewell. The episode ends with the 3 boys returning to their village and SoiFon beating Omaeda up for insulting her. 

313.While Ichigo is sparring with Renji, a man from squad 11 named Seizo gives the two tea, but everyone seems to disrespect him. It is later revealed by Yumichika that Seizo was once a strong warrior. However, while Seizo was paired with Ikkaku to kill a hollow the latter was captured and about to lose his spiritual energy. Seizo took the attack instead and lost almost all his spirit energy, and as a result no one respected him after that. Ichigo talks to Seizo and after regaining his confidence in his skills he defeats a group of hollows alongside Ikkaku. The episode ends with Seizo leaving the Thirteen Court Guard Squads with all of Squad 11 including Ikkaku bowing down to him in respect. 

314.The episode begins with Kon yelling out the window about his imprisonment in Ichigo's room. Just then a pretty lady walks by and asks for directions which Ichigo gives her. Kon is later seen taking a stroll on a bridge in Ichigo's body and spots the girl from before as she is about to jump off the bridge. Kon runs to save her, but instead of saving the girl, he falls off the bridge himself. As the girl and Kon talk it is revealed that the girl, Haruko, can see Hollows and Soul Reapers and because of this her boyfriend Ken breaks up with her.. Ichigo finds Rukia, and Rukia tells him that there has been a Hollow that has been sucking out the souls of humans. As Haruko leaves Kon and is by herself, she is attacked by that Hollow and Kon arrives just in time to save her. After the incident, Haruko's boyfriend Ken arrives to apologize for what he did. But it wasn't Ken at all, but the Hollow itself and is able to take over Haruko as well. Kon fights Haruko and manages to get the Hollow out of her, but just then Kon's pill pops out of Ichigo's body and he is no longer in control of it. Before Kon in his pill-form is eaten, he is saved by Ichigo who kills the Hollow. Haruko mistakes Ichigo for Kon and decides to take Ichigo as her boyfriend and leave Ken, but just then Rukia arrives and using her memory erasing spray, she erases the memory of Hakuro and Ken. The episode ends with Haruko and Ken holding hands and resuming their relationship knowing nothing of what happened. 

315.Yachiru encounters an old friend she calls Mappy, and a new face, Mayu. Mappy, or Masayoshi starts to tell the two about how a hollow killed his wife. Mayu, having had her parents killed by a hollow starts to feel a bit close to Masayoshi. Later, after a talk with Kenpachi, Yachiru warns her not to get too close to Mappy. However, this was immediately after asking to travel with him. Later on, Masayoshi protects Mayu, and asks her to accompany him as she had previously asked. Then, Yachiru jumps between the two, and reveals that Kenpachi told her how a hollow possessed Masayoshi, as proven when his love for sweets and the memory of his wife's name were now gone. Yachiru also says that Mapppy had killed his wife accidentally and mistook himself for some other hollow. Masayoshi at first doesn't believe it, but Yachiru insists. He begins to transform into the hollow in his panicked state. Just then, a hollow shows up behind Mayu, and Masayoshi jumps in and kills it, fatally wounding himself in the process. Masayoshi dies happily in Mayu's arms after having some konpeito candy from Yachiru, remarking how good it is. 

316.Hitsugaya takes leave from the 13 Gotei Squads to visit Grandma Haru, a friend of his in the real world. Haru is a lonely old woman who can see spirits because of which people find her strange and do not go near her. Before seeing her, gets Karin Kurosaki involved in his visit. They both go to Haru's house and meet the spirit of a child named Yosuke. However, Hitsugaya hesitates from sending Yosuke to Soul Society after hearing that he and his parents died in an accident on the way to a skiing trip, and that he does not wish to leave till he sees snow for the first time. Afterwards, Toshiro stays at Karin's house, where he is mistaken to be her boyfriend by many people. Later it is revealed that Haru had been controlling Yosuke's transformation into a hollow with her own reiatsu, and when she weakened, he went out of control. Grandma Haru, who is being held in the hollow's hand restrains him with her reiatsu giving Toshirō enough time to give the finishing blow. When the fight ends, it begins to snow in Karakura which allows Yosuke to leave happy. Karin says goodbye to Toshiro and the episode ends with him deciding to visit his real Grandma in the Rukon District of the Soul Society later. 

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