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bond tail
bond tail

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1753
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 24/08/2012
Ηλικία : 20
Τόπος : gallifrey

Πώς σας φάνηκαν τα επεισόδια 21-41

Την / Το Σαβ Δεκ 07, 2013 10:30 am
21.Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryu Ishida, Yasutora “Chad” Sado. Orihime Inoue ventures to Soul Society with Yoruichi as their guide through the gate that Urahara created. The group arrived successfully at Rukongai, a district of Soul Society where normal souls reside. Ichigo carelessly tried to enter Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls) but got into a battle with Jidanbo the Gate Keeper. Ichigo was able to defeat the gatekeeper thanks to his training. They will use the gate of Pure Spirits to enter Seireitei where Soul Reapers reside and where Rukia is being held but when Jidanbo opens the gate there they found Gin Ichimaru, the 3rd Division Captain of the Gotei 13 waiting for them.

22.Ichimaru attacked them with his shikai forcing Ichigo’s group back to the gate. They were shut out of Seireitei single handedly by a Captain and they need to find another way in. Yoruichi got a plan and went out to look for a friend to help them get into Seireitei. While they were looking for Yoruichi’s friend Ichigo ran into Ganju Shiba the self-proclaimed number one hater of Soul Reapers. The two immediately hated each other and started a fight but the fight got cut off when the clock at the back of one of Ganju’s friend rang.

23.Ganju Shiba ran away from the fight and swears to come back the next day. The morning came and Ichigo’s group set out to find Kukaku Shiba. They ran into a weird house which is said to be where Kukaku Shiba resides. Meanwhile Rukia’s death execution has been moved to fourteen days and Rukia was transferred to the Shrine of Penitence. They met Kukaku and stated their story to her and she accepted it but with a condition that her little brother Ganju Shiba will tag along with the group. They were also introduced to a cannon like structure that will send them to the Seireitei. Kukaku Shiba also introduced herself as the number one fireworks maker in Rukongai.

24.In order for Ichigo’s group to use the cannon and enter Seireitei, they need to use an item called a Spirit Orb. To use the Spirit Orb they must learn to focus their spiritual energies where Ichigo is having troubles with. Ganju helped Ichigo and Ichigo was able to do it, thus creating a shell that will protect them from the impact when they enter Seireitei. The Captain Commander called for a meeting for all the captains in the 13 Divisions of Court Guards. The meeting was intended to discuss how intruders will be dealt but it was interrupted by an alarm, indicating that intruders were able to enter Seireitei.

25.Before the cannon is fired to launch them to Seireitei, Ganju opened up and reveals the reason why he hates Soul Reapers. It was because his brother was killed by a Soul Reaper In an incident that happened years back. The meeting of the captains got interrupted and Zaraki Kenpachi, the 11th division captain, sets out to find Kurosaki Ichigo as he wants to cross swords with worthy opponents. Captain Sosuke Aizen confronts Captain Ichimaru Gin about how the intruders were able to escape when Gin already came in contact with them. As Ichigo’s group enters the barrier the covers Seireitei, Ichigo lost control of his spiritual power causing his shell to explode and the explosion separating Ichigo them to different places.

26.Ichigo landed together with Ganju while Uryu is with Orihime and Chad and Yoruichi were alone. Ichigo and Ganju who are not really on good terms were pushed to fighting together against Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa, both from the eleventh division. The Eleventh Division is known for their battle thirsty tradition which is led by their Captain. The fight is heated when Ikkaku used his initial release which is known as a Shikai and Ganju tries to escape Yumichika with his tricks.

27.The fight continues and Ichigo did the initial release of his sword to overpower Ikkaku, Ganju is not really fighting Yumichika but is trying to run away but Yumichika keeps on pursuing Ganju. Ichigo got wounded by Ikkaku during their fight and tried to hide and get some rest. The captain of the 11th Division Zaraki Kenpachi still is searching for Ichigo but thanks to his Lieutenant, Yashiru Kusajishi’s poor sense of direction they are lost.

28.Ganju manages to win against Yumichika using his fireworks that exploded to Yumichika’s face. On the other side, Uryu and Orihime ran into Jirobo Ikkazanka the brother of the gatekeeper and is the 4th seat of the 7thdivision. Jirobo wants to fight Orihime even though Uryu is volunteering to fight. Uryu protected Orihime and was able to break Jirobo’s attack projectile with Uryu’s Quincy powers. Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the 12th division Captain got interested about Uryu and Orihime and sends in his men to take them as experiments.

29.Uryu finishes the battle with the Soul Reaper. Meanwhile Ganju and Ichigo got back together but a lot of Soul Reapers are in pursuit of them. They decided to take Hanataro Yamada, a weak Soul Reaper from the 4thDivision as a hostage hoping that they can use him as a distraction from for them to escape. They failed as the other Soul Reapers do not care about the members of the 4th Division but an energy blast coming from Chad’s attack got the attention of their pursuers making their escape possible. Zaraki Kenpachi is still looking for Ichigo when he ran into Mayuri trying to attack Ikkaku for not answering Mayuri’s question. Ikkaku then gave information to his captain and his captain Zaraki Kenpachi became more motivated in finding Ichigo to have a fight.

30.Hanataro cooperated with them and lead them through underground passages to the Shrine of Penitence where Rukia is being held. There they found Renji Abarai lying in wait for Kurosaki Ichigo to continue their battle. Ichigo confronts Renji and Renji told Ichigo that he is five times more powerful as they is Soul Society and their power limiters are removed.

31.Renji and Ichigo’s battle became heated as each of them tries to destroy the other one. Renji was leading the fight at the beginning but Ichigo remembered his training and used an energy blast of Spiritual energy to finish the fight. Ichigo got wounded during the fight but he did not kill Renji after the battle and Renji told Ichigo that if he wants to save Rukia then he should have the resolve to kill.

32.Renji reminisce the time when he and Rukia were together. Growing up together at the same district and becoming part of the Soul Reaper Academy together. He thought that they would still be practicing and training together but Rukia got adopted by the Kuchiki family. They then grew distances and Renji no longer interfered into Rukia;s affairs but then he is still a good friend of Rukia. Renji begged Ichigo to save Rukia from the death sentence.

33.This episode is a filler starring Don Kanonji And Karakura Town Superheroes. Karin, Ururu Tsugumiya and Jinta Hanakari encountered hollows and fought with them successfully. Karin attacked the hollow usng a soccer ball and found a kitten’s soul after. Don Kanonji talked to the kids about becoming a team of superheroes to fight hollows and protect humans. Later that day the hollows attacked and the kitten protected Yuzu and saved the day together with the Karakura Town Superheroes.

34.Hanataro and Ganju took Ichigo to hide in the underground tunnels. Hanataro is part of the Healer division and he started working on Ichigo’s injuries from the previous fight. Renji Abarai though being heavily injured was alive and got incarcerated by his Captain Byakuya. The captain commander then released an order to destroy the intruders and that the 13 Squads will be on an all-out war. The dawn of the following day, the Lieutenants are supposed to have a meeting of their own when Momo Hinamori, 5th Division Lieutenant, saw the corpse of his Captain Sosuke Aizen killed and hanged in a tower.

35.Captain Aizen’s death was a shock to everyone especially on Lieutenant Momo Hinamori who is closest to Captain Aizen. Hinamori out of her emotion attacked Captain Ichimaru Gin but Hinamori was stopped by Kira who is Captain Ichimaru’s Lieutenant. Hitsugaya broke the fight and ordered that the two lieutenants be incarcerated. Captain Hitsugaya threatened to kill Captain Ichimaru if anything bad happens to Hinamori by Captain Ichimaru’s doing. The Captain of the 8th Divisionm, Shunsui Kyoraku decided to stop Chad from roaming around the 8th Division’s grounds, On the other hand, Ichigo, Ganju and Hanataro continues to go forth toward the shrine of penitence but they were stopped by Zaraki Kenpachi’s strong spiritual pressure.

36.Rangiku Matsumoto, the 10th Division Lieutenant found a letter from Aizen exposing the killer’s identity and gave the letter to Hinamori who is being held for her actions. Meanwhile, Kenpachi who is very excited about fighting Ichigo attacks but Ichigo is having a hard time even moving because of Kenpachi’s tremendous spiritual pressure.

37.Chad was easily able to defeat the 8th Division members and so the Captain Shunsui decided to take him on. Chad wanted to keep his promise to Ichigo as a friend and fought with all that he has but the Captain Shunsui Kyoraku was too much for him to handle. Chad was defeated easily but Captain Kyoraku got moved by Chad’s determination.

38.Captain Kyoraku did not kill chad despite the Captain Commander’s orders. Captain Kyoraku ordered for Chad’s incarceration instead. Kenpachi’s spiritual pressure was too much that Ichigo got terrified, Ichigo picks himself up and manages to get the resolution to fight Kenpachi, Ichigo was able to cut Kenpachi but Kenpachi retaliated and attacked Ichigo with a thrust to the chest crushing Ichigo’s sword in the process.

39.Ichigo seems to have lost consciousness for a second when Ichigo heard Zangetsu’s voice and listened to it. Zangetsu took Ichigo to his world where Ichigo is faced against himself in a hollow form. Ichigo realized that his sword is not just a mere tool for fighting and Zangetsu allowed Ichigo to use his powers. Ichigo came back to his consciousness and was able to stand against Kenpachi on equal grounds. The two released a massive spiritual energy in a strike leaving both Kenpachi and Ichigo passed out.

40.Yachiru, the kid lieutenant came to Kenpachi’s aid and took him away for medical treatment. Yoruichi then took Ichigo so that Hanataro and Ganju can go to Rukia’s holding place. It was then that Ganju realized that it was Rukia, the Shinigami who killed his brother. Ganju was angry about the fact that he is trying to help save his brother’s killer. Then Byakuya arrived at the place and caught Ganju and Hanataro trying to save Rukia. Ganju decided to fight Byakuya though he knows that he does not stand a chance.

41.Byakuya caught Ganju and Hanataro trying to save Rukia and fought Ganju. Ganju was easily defeated by Byakuya who is the Captain of the 6th Division. Ichigo woke up and Yoruichi reveals her true form as a female. Yoruichi then gave Ichigo a device that wil let him fly and Ichigo used it right away to rescue Ganju and Hanataro. Byakuya continued to attack Ganju and hanataro trying to kill them but he was stopped by Captain Ukitake, Ichigo then arrived with his great spiritual pressure and got reunited with Rukia. Ichigo once again faced Byakuya and just as Byakuya started to get serious and do the initial release if his sword Yoruichi came in the way and stopped the fight.

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