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Πως σας φάνηκε το 37ο επεισόδιο της σειράς Digimon Adventure?

1)To καλύτερο ως τώρα!
3)Πολύ καλό
7)Το Χειρότερο ως τώρα
Επισκόπηση αποτελεσμάτων
Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 2650
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 20/09/2010
Ηλικία : 21
Τόπος : Κύπρος

Πως σας φάνηκε το 37ο επεισόδιο της σειράς Digimon Adventure? Empty Πως σας φάνηκε το 37ο επεισόδιο της σειράς Digimon Adventure?

Την / Το Τρι Αυγ 28, 2012 2:04 am
Tai and Agumon infiltrate the Convention Center where all of Myotismon's prisoners have been put into an enchanted sleep by DemiDevimon. Mimi's Crest wakes her up and she tries to escape. Meanwhile the Bakemon attack Tai and Agumon, but Agumon digivolves to Greymon and easily destroys them. The two then meet up with Mimi and make their way to the Fuji TV Station. There, the DigiDestined are reunited and after Wizardmon (who was rescued by Joe, T.K., Patamon and Zudomon from the bay) heals Lilymon, face off against Myotismon and Phantomon; however, Myotismon has apparently become more powerful as he easily neutralizes all of their attacks. The only digimon that does any damage is Angemon who destroys Phantomon and injures Myotismon with one hit due to his holy power, but even he's not powerful enough to destroy Myotismon. Myotismon tries to kill Kari and Gatomon but Wizardmon takes the hit and is mortally wounded. His death upsets Kari so much DemiDevimon drops her Digivice allowing Tai to retrieve it and give it to her. Kari's Digivice and Crest cause Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon and everyone gives Angewomon their power in order to make her attack stronger. Angewomon destroys Myotismon with her Celestial Arrow powered up by everyone's energy, but the fog just gets thicker when it should dissipate with Myotismon's death.

Το καλυτερο ως τωρα.Και τι δεν εγινε σε αυτο το επεισοδιο.Σημαντικο γεγονος ο θανατος του wizardmon και η μεταμορφωση της gatomon σε angewomon.Και φυσικα ο θανατος του myotismon.
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