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13x03 Patience Empty 13x03 Patience

Την / Το Τετ Ιουλ 04, 2018 9:09 pm
Missouri Mosley (from Season 1's "Home") calls the Winchesters because a wraith with a taste for psychics is about to go after her family. Dean and Jody go to protect her son James and granddaughter Patience, who is unaware she has inherited Missouri's gift. The wraith reappears and kills Missouri, as she knew it would. James reveals he cut his mother out of his life many years ago, as he grew up fearing she would get killed and also because he couldn't forgive her after his wife Tess died after becoming sick despite Missouri saying she would be fine. The wraith attacks Patience at school and later kidnaps her from home intending to feed on her slowly. In a vision, Patience sees the wraith kill her father, Jody and Dean. She warns them and Dean kills the wraith. James and Dean think Patience should live a normal life, but Jody says it is Patience's choice and that her door is open if she needs help. Meanwhile, Sam tries to train Jack because he reminds him of his own days addicted to demon blood. Jack makes no progress, which he takes as a sign he will be evil, since his powers only work negatively. While the brothers argue over him, Jack says Castiel's name; Castiel hears this and wakes up in a void of nothingness.
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