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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 16, 2017 8:43 pm
Chucky and Peko rush to the warehouse that Gaim and Ryugen Yomi's fight has taken place and discover a heavily injured Kouta and escort him to safety. Mai gets herself lost in temporal pathways and witnesses the battle between four factions: Gaim, Baron, and the Kureshima brothers. As Sagara has told her, all four Riders here have the potential to claim the Golden Fruit. These potentials affect none to the future, except being shadows of the past. Moments later in the hospital, Kaito, Yoko, and Mitsuzane watch Mai's corpse fade away. DJ Sagara appears to them, revealing that Mai is not dead but she is no longer a human. As Mai is trapped in an parallel reality, she has already gone to the past and warned the Riders (Kouta, Kaito, and Mitsuzane) of their fates. Now as the Maiden of Fate, her role is to pass the Golden Fruit on to the champion. Still in despair, Mitsuzane declines his participation, as the girl he loved is no longer be a human, but Kaito accepts the challenge and decides he will win. While Kouta is bedridden from his injuries, Mai visits him in his dreams, expressing her regrets for not being able to change the future, but Kouta stops her, holding to her previous words of never giving up had made him fight until the end. Mai suddenly remembers Kaito, who has a different view for the future unlike Kouta and disappears before Kouta can reach her. Taking shelter in a warehouse, Yoko feels relieved that she has picked the right future and reveals the reasons she has stayed by Kaito's side. The next day, Oren, Jonouchi, and Zack find Kaito and Minato but stop when they sense Kaito's scent is not like his old one. The power-drunk Kaito summons two Inves to his aid and transforms with Minato to fight them. Zack finds himself conflicted between his loyalty and friendship. In the heat of battle, Zack seemingly makes his decision to aid Kaito by helping Yoko dispose of Gridon. As a result, Jonouchi and Oren's Lockseeds and Sengoku Drivers destroyed. Both of them retreat and reveal the horrible news to Kouta and the others. Despite bearing heavy injuries, Kouta rushes off to fight Kaito. Kaito reveals that to bring Mai back to the present and to rule the world, he must win the Golden Fruit challenge and defeat Kouta. Both begin to battle as the Armored Riders, but just as it seems Kouta will win the fight, an unharmed Kaito transforms into Lord Baron and attacks Kouta. Having no choice, Kouta utilizes Kiwami Arms and faces off against Lord Baron. In the middle of the battle, when Kouta winces in pain, Zack transforms and seemingly overpowers Kouta, but not before secretly telling him to retreat. Though exhausted, Kouta still wonders what Zack is planning.[45]
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