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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 16, 2017 8:42 pm
Ryugen Yomi and Gaim Kiwami Arms continue their fight, as the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed continues to drain Mitsuzane's life away. Mai dreams of herself in Team Gaim's garage and is visited by DJ Sagara who tells her that she is in possession of the Golden Fruit and that she can use it to do anything based on her ideals. While Ryoma begins operating Mai, both Ryugen Yomi and Gaim initiate their finishing attacks, but as they are about to attack each other, Gaim throws his Musou Saber aside and reaches the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed to remove it from Ryugen Yomi at the cost of his own life. Surprised by his former friend's action, Mitsuzane asks Kouta why, and Kouta tells him that he has already forgiven his actions and advises him to forgive himself before Kouta seemingly dies. Mitsuzane realizes he still has more time left and seeks out Mai. Rat and Rica arrive at the Team Gaim garage, spreading the bad news to Kaito and Yoko about Mai. Upon entering the hospital where Mai's operation took place, Ryoma reports that the operation was a success and he is delighted to hear of Mitsuzane's progress. As Mitsuzane checks on Mai, he realizes that she has died during the operation, as Ryoma never intended to save her but only to take the Golden Fruit away since it had completely fused with her heart. Angered that all of his efforts were in vain, Mitsuzane tries to transform into Zangetsu Shin but Ryoma quickly disables the Genesis Driver with a kill switch, knowing that he would someday duel with another user of his creations, before beating up Mitsuzane while comparing his foolishness to his brother's. The Golden Fruit soon erupts and transforms into a spectral Mai who forgives Mitsuzane for his past actions and disappears before Mitsuzane can reach through to her. Mai travels back in time while DJ Sagara calls her actions crazy, and impossible. Mai arrives at the point in time where Gaim's debut as Kachidoki Arms in his battle against Kurokage Troopers on the Yggdrasill Tower and meets the past DJ Sagara, asking why he has encouraged Kouta. Sagara replies that this is all a plan to see who is worth obtaining the Golden Fruit. As Kaito and Yoko arrive too late, they discover a crying Mitsuzane beside Mai's corpse and a crazed Ryoma Sengoku trying to calculate the current location of the Golden Fruit. Disgusted over the professor's actions, they try to transform but Ryoma quickly disables their Genesis Drivers, as well. However, Kaito still possesses his Sengoku Driver and battles New Generation Rider Duke as Armored Rider Baron, struggling throughout the fight with the Helheim infection. As Ryoma mocks him for the infection, Kaito remembers the pains he has gone through all his life and decides to eat a Helheim Fruit, remarking on how it affected Hase, transforming himself into an Over Lord Inves called Lord Baron. Surprised by Lord Baron's ability to retain his mental capacity, Ryoma quickly transforms and fights him but he is quickly overpowered by the Over Lord's immense power. Ryoma warns Kaito of the danger for abandoning his humanity before falling to his death. Still, Kaito refuses to surrender and keeps heading to his fate while Yoko picks up Ryoma's discarded Genesis Driver.[44]
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