Power Rangers in Greece
Καλως ήρθες Ranger!
Το καλύτερο φόρουμ για Super Hero Fans στην Ελλάδα σε καλοσορίζει στην παρέα του!

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Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 16, 2017 8:32 pm
Having survived the fall, the unconscious Takatora is approached by the Over Lords' leader. Elsewhere, Kouta learns that Mai is working in Drupers to help him out. Kouta and Mitsuzane are contacted by Ryoma alongside Kaito. Since only they can reach Helheim Forest after Sid destroyed the artificial Crack, Ryoma ask the Armored Riders help to track down Sid while revealing the Forbidden Fruit's existence to them. While discussing with the others, Mitsuzane receiving a text, Kaito leaves to search for Sid by himself on the excuse that Mitsuzane will eventually suggest for them to split up in search for him. Meanwhile, Takatora awakens and meets the Over Lord who saved him, Roshuo, who lends him a Harvest Sengoku Driver Redyue found. Roshuo reveals that he was once the leader of the Femushinmu people who claimed the Forbidden Fruit after Helheim Forest consumed his world. However, Roshuo used it to create a society where the strong prey on the weak, leading to the downfall of their entire civilization. After deeming humans to be no different from the Femushinmu, Roshuo announces his intent not to give them the Forbidden Fruit so they would not suffer as he had. When Armored Riders Gaim and Ryugen get into the forest, Ryugen splits up from Gaim just as Kaito predicted and returns back to the human world to meet Sid, telling him that he is not interested in the Forbidden Fruit as they form an alliance to take out Kouta. Back in the forest, Gaim uses Jimber Peach Arms to track down Sid but instead hears Mitsuzane asking for help, claiming that he is being attacked by Zangetsu Shin. When Gaim comes to his help, Mitsuzane transforms into Zangetsu Shin and fights Gaim while Baron equips Lemon Energy Arms to fight Sid. At that time, refusing to accept Kaito's words, Gaim dons Jimber Lemon Armors to overwhelm Zangetsu Shin. However, Dēmushu appears to fight Gaim and Zangetsu Shin and upon being informed of this, Sigurd rushes to join the fight as well, followed by Baron. The all-out fight ends when a Crack appears and Dēmushu uses it to reach the human world.[30]
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