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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 02, 2017 9:02 pm
Brain enters the room and both Nira and Brain reveal that their ultimate objective is to force Shinnosuke to throw away his pride as an officer and as a Kamen Rider by killing Nira. The pair then show him an image of Yukari lying down under effect of Brain's neurotoxin and reveal that she will die in less than an hour unless Shinnosuke kills Nira with his gun, threatening to use the poison in her body to kill her instantly if Shinnosuke attempts to resist. Chase, who was warned about her condition by Shift Speed Prototype, attempts to save her with Mad Doctor to no avail and then flees away with her. Meanwhile, Heart defeats Mach Dead Heat but just as he is about to retrieve the tablet, Prof. Banno attacks him and knocks him down. When Medic appears to awaken him, Go had already fled with the tablet. Back to the office, Nira and Brain steal Mr. Belt and all of the Shift Cars in Shinnosuke's possession and put them in a bag. Brain then leaves the building, claiming to the police that Shinnosuke is holding Nira hostage and intends to kill him, while Chase takes Yukari to Go for Banno to use its powers to treat her. Brain watches through a monitor as Nira keeps provoking Shinnosuke into killing him, when the video feed is briefly cut, and after the video is restored, the time limit set by Brain ends and Shinnosuke decides to pull his gun and shoot at Nira, but he ends up missing the target by purpose. Nira then shoots at Shinnosuke with the same gun he used to kill Eisuke and apparently kills him. Some time later, Nira and Brain hold another press conference claiming that Nira shot Shinnosuke at self-defense and that Yukari was a victim of the Kamen Riders, when both Yukari and Shinnosuke arrive, much to their surprise, to expose their lies. It is then revealed thet Prof. Banno saved Yukari by digitizing her body inside the tablet and then returning her back, free from the poison, and that afterwards Go and Chase sent a message to Shinnosuke showing that she was fine when the video feed was briefly cut. It is also revealed that Shinnosuke hinted Mr. Belt to send him Dimension Cab, which he used to stop the bullet when Nira shot at him. Shinnosuke then shows a rifling exam comparing the bullet he took and the one that killed his father twelve years before, confirming that both came from the same gun and proving that Nira is the true culprit. Nira and Brain then fuse to attack the Kamen Riders, sending some other Roidmudes as well, but Drive Type Tridoron, Mach Dead Heat and Chaser easily defeat them. Brain then decides to face all three Riders in his Super Evolved form, just to be defeated by a triple Rider Kick, albeit his core survives and escapes. As Nira is arrested for his crimes, Shinnosuke rejoices as he finally has brought his father's murderer to justice, while a defenseless Brain is tortured by Medic for all the humiliation he caused to her, and Heart realizes that the tablet containing Prof. Banno's conscience is a threat that can't be ignored.[37]
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