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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 4236
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

Πώς σας φανηκε το 35ο επεισόδιο? Empty Πώς σας φανηκε το 35ο επεισόδιο?

Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 02, 2017 9:02 pm
The episode begins with the Special Investigation Division's Building surrounded by the police, and Nira holding Shinnosuke at gunpoint. 20 hours before, as his coleagues discuss about Nira's whereabouts, Shinnosuke and Chase stand guard to protect Yukari, who is an important witness against Nira, when Nira himself appears to attack her as the Thief Roidmude. During the fight, Kamen Riders Drive and Chaser realize that the Roidmude Nira is now fused with is actually Brain, and the enemy attempts to kidnap Yukari, but Mach appears to save her and force them to retreat. Chase asks Go about the tablet in his possession and its connection with his father, but he urges him to not reveal anything about it to Kiriko, and Chase replies that he will do so as long as he uses it to help her, just like he did when he assisted in Shinnosuke's revival. Elsewhere, Medic inquires Brain about his plans and he reveals to her that he attained the Super Evolution. Brain then attacks Medic, who is powerless before his new form, until Heart appears to stop him and congratulate him for his feat. While escorting Yukari home, Chase has a glimpse of something strange in her right wrist, where she was attacked by the Thief Roidmude, thus he sends Shift Speed Prototype to watch over her. Later at night, Nira and Brain hold a press conference revealing that Makage was in fact a Roidmude, but falsely accusing the Special Investigation Division of collaborating with him, misleading the public using the info regarding all previous cases in which the members of the Division were personally involved, and the fact that Chase was once Masshin Chaser. With the police and the public opinion suddenly turned against them, Kiriko and the others cover for Shinnosuke to escape before he is arrested with them as well, and spends all night running from the cops until reuniting with Mr. Belt, who was brought to him by the Shift Cars, just as the Thief Roidmude appears to fight him. Transforming into Kamen Rider Drive, Shinnosuke fights Nira, with assistance from Chaser, who arrives soon after to separate Nira and Brain. Shinnosuke then chases after Nira, while Chaser is impeded by Brain, who easily defeats him with his new powers. Meanwhile, Heart appears before Go asking him to return the tablet, but he refuses and prepares to fight him as well. Shinnosuke follows Nira to the Special Investigation Division Building, leading to the current situation at the beginning of the episode. Yukari watches the siege on the building at a TV when she collapses in the middle of the street, and imprisioned with the others, Kiriko prays for the safety of Go, who is about to face Heart as Mach Dead Heat, Chase who lies uncounscious and Shinnosuke who finds himself at Nira's mercy.[36]
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