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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 02, 2017 9:01 pm
After Shinnosuke is defeated, Freeze, Mach and Brain make their leave. While the public is informed of Shinnosuke's death, his colleagues from the Special Division mourn his body at the morgue, where they learned that by some reason, both the Shift Brace and Mr. Belt are attached to his body and can't be removed, while Kiriko remains at her apartment. Willing to at least rescue Go for his sister's sake, Chase obtains a sample of the antidote and invades the Roidmude's hideout but is stopped from using it on him by Freeze, who attacks in sequence. However, Go takes the opportunity to steal Brain's tablet computer and escapes with Chase. Once in a safe place, Go reveals that he had the same resistance to Freeze's brainwashing as Shinnosuke's and was pretending to be under his control all this time in order to spy on the Roidmudes and obtain the tablet, which contains crucial info on them, but blames himself for not protecting Shinnosuke in order to not expose his cover and believes that all his efforts were useless because of it, knowing that Kiriko is suffering with his death, but Chase insists for him to not give up, sharing with him what he learned about Shinnosuke's condition. After Chase leaves, Go opens the tablet, which was revealed to contain the memories of his late father, and asks for its help. Go later pays a visit to Kiriko and apologizes to her, giving her a small notebook he believes will help her revive Shinnosuke. Back at the Drive pit, Rinna informs the others that Shinnosuke's body is still preserved and that somehow Mr. Belt must be acting as a life support system for him, and has an idea of using the Shift Cars and Tridoron to revive Shinnosuke using the newly completed Shift Tridoron Shift Car and when Kiriko arrives with the formulas contained in the Notebook from Go, which Rinna uses to complete her calculations, Go's undercover mission is revealed, and the others conclude that Mister X was none other than Go himself. However, for the plan to work, Tridoron, containing Shinnosuke, must be acclelerated to 200 Km/h and Kiriko offers herself to pilot it. The members of the division then relocate to a long roadtrack, where Kiriko starts driving Tridoron with Shinnosuke inside, but Freeze appears to interfere. Kamen Rider Chaser confronts Freeze, but fails to prevent him from stopping Tridoron. However, the experiment is a success and a revived Shinnosuke emerges, with Mr. Belt's consciousness now fused with his, and able to briefly take over his body as well, and transforms into Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron, using his new feature, the "Tire Blending" to transform into Type Tridoron Attack 1-2-3, defeating the enemy with certain ease. Shinnosuke then rejoices with the others, certain that he finally managed to avenge his father, but before perishing, Freeze reveals that he was not the one responsible for Eisuke Tomari's death, and affirms that Shinnosuke will fall into despair upon knowing all the truth.[34]
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