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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 4237
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Δευ Οκτ 02, 2017 9:00 pm
Shinnosuke met Brain, where he revealed that he now know who 001 is. As Brain in his Roidmude form fights Shinnosuke, the Shift Cars and Mr. Belt appear to his aid but even as Drive, Go/Mach interferes and attacks Drive again, in the end Drive fells into the sea as Mach and Brain walk away. At the Unit's office, Mr. Belt expressed his anger at Shinnosuke for putting his life in a gamble. As he leaves, Genpachiro enters and reveals their recent client, Toru Fujuki. His family runs a small factory and he always gets into a fight with his father. One day, he feels guilt of what he had done before when witnessing his father suffering from old age working. He wanted to apologize by taking over his work. However, his dad doesn't seem to know him and when Toru returns with his dad's favorite food, he vanished. He asked his mother and his workers where his father had gone but all of them replied that he had been gone for 10 years. The Unit suspects 001 behind this case. At the factory, Shinnosuke and Kiriko senses Heavy Acceleration particles. Toru confirms that he did sensed its presence while out to buy some dorayaki. Shinnosuke wonders what 001 wanted to do with Toru's father. 001 met Medic and asked her for some of her Reaper Legion soldiers. 001 commences that it is time for them to achieve evolution by using human emotions. He also noted that all of the executives had their corresponding emotion: Brain has envy, Medic has adoration, Heart has joy and 001, still unspecified but if these emotions had been spiked up, they will gain their final evolution. 001 later changed into his Advanced Form, Freeze Roidmude. Freeze states that Shinnosuke would become the catalyst to achieve his final evolution and Heart states that he had already found his desired person. Chase witnessed his memory and theorizes that if they achieve Super Evolution, it might as well related to the Promised Number. Kiriko visited Mr. Belt, where he was still recovering from the fear of losing Shinnosuke, having dreamt of Protodrive's defeat every night. While Shinnosuke spends the late night searching for clues, he received an e-mail from Mister X. The next day, Shinnosuke had finally get the bottom of the case, using Mister X's mail which reveals the medical record which from 2005 where at that year, the whole country had been alarmed of a huge epidermic. The National Defense Bureau released the information of the virus and mandated the test. The one in charge of that was Soichi Makage and in the end, no one was ever infected, meaning that a large agenda was hidden in there. Genpachiro phoned Shinnosuke, where he revealed that Toru had forgotten about them. Shinnosuke witnessed a snowflake scar behind his ear, meaning that Toru had also fallen victim to 001. Meeting Nira, Shinnosuke asked to arrange a meeting with Soichi Makage as he even revealed the truth about Makage but Nira refuses to believe even ripping off the evidence. As Tomari goes to the Tokyo Central Forum and meets Makage, exposing his true identity and fights with two Reaper Legion soldiers. Chase appears and attacks the Reapers while Shinnosuke confronts 001, asking what is he after but 001 shoots an energy snowflake that render him unconscious, with Kiriko and Mr. Belt arrived too late. 001 later freezes the whole place, wiping out the public's memory of him as a Roidmude. While Chaser fights the Reapers, Mach comes to aid them though he was later outmatched again and the Reapers were killed. Shinnosuke awakens, having retained his memory and approaches Makage again despite Mr. Belt's protest. As Shinnosuke and the others approach 001 again, the latter reveals his evolved form and how his ability works: it freezes the human memory and shatters it from inside. But other than Shinnosuke, he also had met one person whom also proved immune from the effect: Eisuke Tomari. Long ago, Eisuke suspected the police activity somehow being manipulated from inside. He suspected Makage and unmasked his true identity but even when 001 tried to erase it, it had no effect on Eisuke. Fearing the latter, it had awakened his corresponding emotion: humiliation. Shinnosuke as Drive Type Formula tried to attack him but proven futile due to his enormous ice power, even the Pit Crews being incapacitated.[32]
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