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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Παρ Σεπ 29, 2017 2:10 pm
Brain offers Go to join him in the Roidmudes and met 001. Go refuses and transforms as Mach to deal with Brain until Brain shows an important information on his tablet, stopping Mach. The next day, three series of robbery and murder happened with each bank had one of his workers killed. When the fourth bank under attack, Shinnosuke/Drive was deployed by the First Division. Drive arrives at the bank, where the robber first appears as a human before he reveals as a Fusion Evolution State Roidmude, Open Roidmude, where he displays the ability to open any doors and locks. One of the victims of the bank robbery that had escaped and witness Drive's battle with Open suddenly reminded of her past, which also takes place in a robbery. The girl faints as Drive manages to catch her but instead, leaving an opening for Open to escape. At the First Division office, the robber is revealed as Itsurou Negishi. As First Division members sent to arrest him, Shinnosuke requests Nira to involve him in this case, since Itsurou had killed his father 12 years ago. Nira allows the Special Investigation Unit members to help the First Division, only as office assistants. Kiriko asks Jun on the history of Eisuke Tomari's death, as he narrates the story: 12 years ago, a robbery happened at the South Kuruma Eitou Bank where Itsurou and one of his subordinate held several victims in said bank as hostages. Eisuke happens to be there at the same time, waiting to act but when a robber targets a crying girl, Eisuke shielded her at the cost of his own life with the police forces arrived late and got the robbers arrested. However, actually that was how the story told by several officers at that time, with Jun does sense something suspicious in it, as well as Mr. Belt theorizing 001's involvement in that case. While Shinnosuke on his way to deliver the First Division's lunches, he comes across Soichi Makage, whom commends him to work harder as a Kamen Rider. Shinnosuke suddenly realizes whom that person is, unaware of Makage's full identity. Heart visits Brain and asks if 001's progress but Brain refuses to return to Heart, as long as Medic keeps clinging into him. While the Special Investigation Unit arranges the First Division's files, Shinnosuke finds the truth behind the previous three victims: they were former workers of South Kuruma Eitou Bank. The previous bank had its worker, Tomoko Sannomaru being one of the former workers of said previous bank. Brain later enlists Open to eliminate everyone that becomes hostages from the South Kuruma Bank and that they are running out of time. Shinnosuke wanted to find Tomoko but she is currently interrogated by the First Division. Soon, he comes across one of the previous victims, Yukari Karasawa, wthe same girl he saved yesterday. He and Kiriko visits Yukari, but she yells at them to get away from her for unknown reasons. Genpachiro founded Shinnosuke and reveal some important information: according to Shingo Maruya, a former accomplice of Itsurou, who was freed six years ago after being reformed told that Itsurou didn't kill Eisuke, but it was somebody else, though his mind somehow clouded. An idea hits Shinnosuke and runs away. Rinna calls Kiriko and presents her the repaired Shift Speed Prototype. Shinnosuke tried to coerce Maruya to tell what happened in the past robbery but Maruya himself also had no idea. As Maruya cries, Shinnosuke notices a small snowflake scar behind his right ear. Shinnosuke returns to Tridoron and realises that Maruya's snowflake scar and its position is the similar one he saw on his late father sometime ago. Itsuro approaches Maruya and becomes Open Roidmude with the intent on killing him. Chase appears and wants to fight but still troubled over family relations involved in this situation again. Brain appears and presents Go as he transforms into Mach and fights Drive and Chaser. Chaser manages to save Maruya from Open while Drive and Mach fights in their strongest forms. Chaser manages to make an opening for him, Kiriko, Drive and Maruya get to safety.[30]
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