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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Παρ Σεπ 29, 2017 2:10 pm
While several citizens playing at the neighborhood, a strange Roidmude throws a Neo Spider Viral Core. At the Kuruma Driving License Centre, Rinna introduced the Ride Booster Set that would be useful for all three Kamen Riders. Go however finds it irritating to count Chase as their ally, shoves Kiriko, and gets slapped by her. As Go left them with Kiriko in guilt, Genpachiro called them that the First Division wanted the cooperation with Special Investigation Unit. Yoriko Soma tried to call for the Unit's help but find Go instead and call for his help that his little brother had been kidnapped by a Roidmude. During the meeting, it was reported that 37 citizens of Yumemigayama Village had been injured from serious attack and Mitsuhide Nira decided to hand over the case to Shinnosuke, being the son of the late officer Eisuke. They were even introduced to Noumi, whom obviously to Kiriko and Shinnosuke is none other than Brain in disguise. The Yoriko told Go of her brother's background as a real estate agent of a town while he secretly relate it to his relationship with Kiriko. Go decided to take the case on his own and promise to save the woman's little brother. At outside, Shinnosuke as Drive tried to force Brain Roidmude to reveal all of the secrets of 001. Though Brain only reveal several small details, however, he quickly take this as an opening to frame Drive. While Brain express his success to 001/Makage, an officer entered his office and demanded answer of a recent monster attack but 001 altered his memory to thought this as an accident. Shinnosuke was suspended from being Drive and the Tridoron has been towed away. While Shinnosuke decided to quit as an officer, Jun hold him off, telling that his father would died in vain. Go and the woman realized that recent cases of household areas being attacked are related to his brother's disappearances. The Unit founded its real estate agent, Ryo Soma, and both Gen and Rinna pose themselves as new neighbors with Shift Colorful Commercial covers Shinnosuke's disappearances while Shinnosuke went undercover quietly. Shinnosuke even bumped into the similarly undercover Go and Yoriko, while noticing the woman's relation to Ryo and Kiriko visited Chase, having required his help and him as well wanted the Shift Speed Prototype to be fixed in hopes of recovering his lost memory. Suddenly, some of the residents turned wild, with Genpachiro as well being hold off by Shinnosuke and realised a logo on his hand, as well as those affected. The true culprit appeared, Seeker Roidmude, whose true motif is to amplify humanity's negative emotions to find the one worthy of fusing with him. After Seeker knocked the affected victims for deeming the unworthy, an angry Go transformed into Mach. While fighting Seeker, two other Roidmudes showed up and assist him in fighting Mach. As he about to be finished, the Ride Booster Set appeared and saved him. Mr. Belt ordered Shinnosuke to transform but hesitated after remembering Jun's words. Chase appeared and allow himself to take over for Shinnosuke, transforming into Chaser and defeated the two Low Classes with Shingou Ax. However, Mach furiously attacked Chase, where Seeker revealed that it was all a part of the plan and leaves. As an untransformed Chase is about to be killed, Shinnosuke stepped in and stopped Mach. As Chase leaves and the injured citizens being carried by several paramedics, Go tearfully revealed that his motive for destroying Roidmudes is because they were his father's creation, and many people died in the Global Freeze because of his mistake. He desired to destroy them to atone for what his father had done.[28]
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