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Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Παρ Σεπ 29, 2017 2:09 pm
Passing by the multitude of reporters attempting to talk to him, Shinnosuke meets Nira, who warns him to be careful in order to not end up sharing his father's fate, hinting that his death was not as officially reported. The Special Investigation Unit then holds a meeting where Jun reveals that he had the Kamen Riders' existence leaked to the public in response to Roidmude 001's appearance, and because as he finds too odd that the Roidmudes are being mostly ignored by the authorities after all the chaos they caused during the Global Freeze, implying that they are somehow infiltrated within the police, and Shinnosuke wonders if it could be connected with his father's death as well. In the occasion, Kiriko also reveals that Chase is still alive thanks to her aid and Go gets himself upset about it, as he still refuses to trust him. Elsewhere, Chase is approached by Kiriko and Shinnosuke, who thank him for his assistance and Mr. Belt asks him to rejoin their side, when Heart, guided by the signal emitted by Proto Drive's Shift Car appears to attempt to persuade him as well. In the occasion, Heart hints Shinnosuke that 001 must be linked with his father's death, enraging him. Ignoring Kiriko's warn that 007 is still alive and looking for Taga, Shinnosuke transforms into Kamen Rider Drive Type Deadheat and attacks Heart furiously, demanding for answers, until Chase, transformed into Masshin Chaser intervenes, wounding him in the process. Perceiving that Chase is still indecisive, Heart returns him Proto Drive's Shift Car and retreats. Back to the Special Investigation Unit's headquarters, Nira mocks Shinnosuke for his failure and reveals that he had Taga moved to a secret location before 007 attacked, refusing to reveal it. After Nira leaves, Genpachiro decides to use his connections to discover where Taga's being held and both Mr. Belt and Jin assure Shinnosuke that they are investigating 001's involvement with his father's death and tell him to calm down, while Go is angry that Kiriko is still defending Chase after he wounded Shinnosuke, but Rinna then appears to deliver Kiriko a case with something she was working on for Chase by her request, and have Ride Chaser deliver it to him. Meanwhile, 007 discovers where Taga is being detained and appears to rescue him, but thanks to Gen's info, Shinnosuke, Go and Kiriko arrive just as Taga fuses with 007 into Sword Roidmude once more. With Kamen Rider Mach knocked down by the enemy and Shinnosuke unable to transform due to his wound, Kiriko attempts to fight him alone, but just as she is about to be killed, Chase arrives to rescue her. Using a spare Mach Drive and the Signal Chaser Bike sent by her, Chase transforms into Kamen Rider Chaser and fights the Sword Roidmude, separating Taga from 007 before finishing the Roidmude with his new weapon, the Shingo Ax's Full Throttle attack. As Taga is arrested by Shinnosuke, Chaser takes his leave, while Heart, watching from a distance, realizes that Chase had chosen his side and bids farewell to him. Nira then reports what happened to his superior, Secretary Soichi Makage from the National Defense Agency, and after leaving, Brain approaches the secretary, who is revealed to be no other than Roidmude 001 in disguise.[27]
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