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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

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Την / Το Παρ Σεπ 29, 2017 2:01 pm
In Mr. Belt's hideout, he presents to Shinnosuke, Kiriko, and Rinna three new Shift Cars; Fire Braver, Rolling Gravity, and Shift Technic (whom Mr. Belt communicates through), declaring that it's time for Drive to use a new form again. Under direction of Mr. Belt, Shinnosuke must feel "cool" to use the Shift Car, but fails. According to both Fire Braver and Special Investigation Unit, a lot of house fire accidents reported with a Slowdown effect occurring at the same time. The team arrived at the recent accident place and made several investigation. There, Shinnosuke and others met a child residence named Teruhiko whom claimed that he heard a siren noise around 8 pm. As Shinnosuke and Kiriko tried to ask nearby civilians, they released a Slowdown wave and tried to flee until the two cops chased them, revealing to be two Roidmudes 037 and 103. Mr. Belt arrived and Shinnosuke transformed into Drive to fight the Roidmudes until 024 joined the fray and evolved into Volt Roidmude. Drive summoned the Door-Ju but Volt's electricity gave him a hard time. Under the advice of Mr. Belt, Drive tried to assume Type Technic while still using his cool outlook but failed again. In the end, he used Type Wild to finish off 037 via Handle-Ken. The remaining Roidmudes escaped and Drive used Mad Doctor to cure injured civilians. Mashin Chaser tried to execute the two for their failures but Volt managed to think of an excuse, leaving them unharmed though Chase was sceptical that his little change in attitude might caused by his encounter from Kiriko. Teruhiko spied the whole event and tried to flee but he was quickly caught. The Investigation Unit discovered that the house fire tragedies were came from electrical fire due to battery overload. Using the Slowdown reports, Kyu managed to track the Slowdown source. Shinnosuke and Kiriko found Teruhiko at the location, only to discover that the boy was trapped to a strange machine. Roidmude 103 appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the machine's main component. Volt introduced himself to them, revealing his intention to create a city-wide fire with the device. Angry at his plan, Shinnosuke managed to bond with the Shift Car Technic and gain access to Drive Type Technic. Using Technic's mastery in technology, he release Teruhiko from his electric prison and destroy the machine while outsmarted the two Roidmudes. They tried to flee but Drive and Tridoron cornered them, though unaware that 103 escaped carrying the important part of Volt's device. Drive used Rolling Gravity's 10-ton Weight to imprison Volt inside a gravity field before finishing him with the Door-Ju. Despite Volt's destruction alongside with his Core, but a restrained 103 brought an important part of the device to Heart before fading away with his Core. Teruhiko agreed to keep Shinnosuke's identity a secret and was given Drive's insignia with his fixed robot model as a gift.[9]
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