Power Rangers in Greece
Καλως ήρθες Ranger!
Το καλύτερο φόρουμ για Super Hero Fans στην Ελλάδα σε καλοσορίζει στην παρέα του!

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Boηθός Διαχειριστή
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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 4253
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 26/03/2017
Τόπος : Angel Grove

Πώς σας φανηκε το 6ο επεισόδιο? Empty Πώς σας φανηκε το 6ο επεισόδιο?

Την / Το Σαβ Σεπ 09, 2017 9:02 am
Saitama tries to come up with ideas for mentoring Genos, but when Genos mentions that C-class heroes who are inactive for more than a week are dropped from their registry, he rushes around to look for petty villains around town without much success. Sonic appears to try to settle their alleged rivalry, but Saitama finds him annoying. Tank-Top Tiger reproaches Saitama for his antics and tries to absorb the credit of being a hero when Sonic attacks them and the populace. Saitama realizes Sonic is doing villanous things and swiftly taps him on the back, knocking him out cold, saving the day.

Later that day around Saitama's old neighborhood, a mysterious being was seen skulking around frightening the few masses who lived in the desolate Z-City; perturbed at not being sent out to deal with it, Tatsumaki berates the assignment staff. They have already sent out A-Class' Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio out to the scene. In Z-City the two aforementioned heroes are busy patrolling the streets, wondering about a rumor of a pretty dangerous monster who lives in said area. After finding next to nothing on the job, they eventually find signs of said Mysterious Being and chase after it. Running into Kombu Infinity, who also heard rumors of a powerful group of monsters in the city, engaged the duo and easily swats the best efforts of both aside. Realizing they are outmatched, Mustachio dials for reinforcements just before he is swiftly defeated. Upset that his opponents were so weak, Kombu sets out to create the rumor he and his fellow monsters initially heard about; soon after Saitama returns from a market sale, when Kombu notices him as the former relents on not having been able to secure some kombu soup stalk just before the monster attacks him. When next seen, Saitama is just cooking some kombu soup when Genos comes in. Later Tatsumaki is seen berating the assignment staff for not sending her in to fight. In the post-credits, Genos tells Saitama that, while he's in 17th place within the S-class, he's ranked 7th in popularity, much to Saitama's dismay. Genos then starts reading some online comments about him, but a jealous Saitama tells him to stop.

Εξαιρετικό! cheers Tank top tiger και βλακείες, saitama φιλε μου Cool
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